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Bolt Kraken
Bolt Kraken.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Bolt Kraken
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date September 23rd, 2203.
Serial Number MOR-2
Faction QUILL
Function Marine Operations
Assignment Swim Swim, Hungry
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Aquatic Warfare/Navigation
Secondary Specialty Electrical Science
Primary Tri Thunder
Type Electric
Secondary Chain Lightning
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Megaman X5
Theme Song

Character Data

"Some things are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny."


An Ex-Repliforcer known to close friends as Squid Adler for obscure reasons, Bolt Kraken retired from duty when his brother Launch Octopus swore allegiance to the Maverick cause. After retreating into seclusion on an island in Polynesia, he accepted an invite into the newly formed Maverick Hunters to help fill the void of aquatic capable reploids. When that organization dissolved, Bolt Kraken once more made his way back to his research station, secure in the knowledge that his brother had been returned to the fold. But doubts about the state of the world haunted him, especially with his faithful service as a vigilante still fresh in his mind. Eventually deciding that the world was caught in a vicious cycle, Bolt Kraken signed his skills to Nephilim in order to try and bring an end to the madness. Polite and mellow, Bolt tends to keep himself slightly distant, and his truest feeling bottled up inside him. The open oceans and his own studies are his outlets for alone time. He still feels a strong kinship with his former comrades, but realizes that he has moved to a place they will not follow. But despite his worries and uncertainties he holds on to a thread of hope that things will all turn out alright in the end. While not a genius - and thus avoiding the madness that often accompanies such a title - Bolt Kraken knows how to apply and focus his intelligence to pragmatic ends. Utilizing his many years of experience with the Hunters as a backdrop, Bolt Kraken has taken up the role of engineer and general researcher for the rebel organization. A capable fighter in and out of the water, Bolt harnesses the power of electricity to fire bolts, electrify surfaces, and create electrically charged blocks. He doesn't seem to be harmed or hampered by water, and in fact water's voltaic properties can magnify his attacks.


Ocean Navigation, Marine Biology/Geology, Electrical Engineering, Power Generating, Engineering School of Hard Knocks, Danger, Danger! High Voltage!, Not A Mad Savant - Just Good At What He Does, Avoiding Public Pools, Sushi Preparation, Sibling Issues, The Hunt Goes On, Popular In Japan, Can Swim 20,000 Leagues Just Fine, Godsquid, Solving Practical Problems, Batteries Before Lightbulbs, Let No Joyful Voice Be Heard! Let No Man Look Up At The Sky With Hope! And Let This Day Be Cursed By We Who Ready To Wake... The Kraken!