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Bomb Man
Bomb Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Bomb Man
Code Name The Mad Bomber, Nitro, and Mr. T
Race Android
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Light,Dr. Wily,Dr. Cain
Serial Number RM-004
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Operations sections
Function Demolitions
Assignment KABLOOIE!
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Demolitions
Secondary Specialty Ranged Assault
Weapons Explosives of all kinds, mostly custom made by Bomb himself
Primary Hyper Bomb
Type Explosive
Secondary Unstable Bomb
Type Explosive
Buster Colors Green & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman
Voice Actor The Oggie boogie man from 'The nightmare before christmas.'
Theme Song Calm like a bomb - Rage Against The Machine %R Bomb Man's theme song from MMPU

Character Data

"Even in darkness there is light. Sometimes that light just happens to come from a fuse."


After having spent years under Wily's mad rule, Bomb Man has finally awoken to his true self. He has begun to understand for the first time since the start of the Robot Wars the magnitude of all the destruction he has done under Wily's command. This changed the Alpha. He's no longer as obsessive about explosives as he once was, knowing the devastation they can create if left in the wrong hands (although he still enjoys creating and using them and is among the most knowledgeable about explosives on Earth). Even his freedom from the Wily code and his guilt about the past has not changed Bomb Man's cheerful and easygoing look at life. That's not to say that he doesn't want to make amends or knows his guilt, he just refuses to let Wily ruin the rest of his life. While Bomb Man is normally easygoing and loves to have a good time, he does take his work with the Hunters very seriously. It's his way of making amends and he will not betray it. Bomb Man also very loyal to his family and friends, especially the other Alphas. Bomb Man also has a vain hope that the other Robot Masters can be brought out from under Wily's control and be allowed to decide upon their own course in life. Should they still be hostile and destructive, he has no qualms to taking them out. Bomb Man's weapon is armed with a wide variety of explosives, most of whom he designed and created himself. The most potent of those is the dreaded Hyper Bomb, a explosive that has the same destructive power as a ton of TNT.


Bomb-Making, Dropping Things, Explosives, Goofing Off, Lab Technique, Knowledge: BOMBS!, Knowledge: Mohawks


Bomb Man was the seventh fully functional android ever created along with his alpha brothers. He was created for heavy mining and demolition work, being able to create hevy duty ordinance by himself.

Then Wily stole him and his five brothers as well as the prototype Blues and plans for Zero, fast forwards twenty blood-stained years and Dr. Light would sacrifice himself to save the Alphas.

Now Bomb Man is free(sorta) and has been trying to find out what he can do in this future world.


  • Bomb Man has recently founded the Android Rights Association out of concern for the other androids in existence that do not have the same personal rights and freedoms as he does.
  • Bomb has a great deal of respect for freedom and choice and so does not like people like wily or the professor who take them away very much.



  • Dr. Light:"Hey dad. Um..Sorry you had to die to set us free but I appreciate it, Really I do. I just wish I could have spent more time with you before your death or ghostifaction or whatevah. Don't worry, I'll do ya proud."
  • Dr. Cain:"Yeah I know a lot of people don't notice you but don't worry I haven't forgottten Dad#2. Yer still my old man and my second favorite father even if there isn't much of an competition."
  • Dr. Wily:"So yeah, you enslaved me for twenty years and made me do all sort of vile stuff to other people. Hell I don't even know how many I killed for you. But you know what. I don't hate you. I won't give you the satisfaction. You are nothing to me anymore, ya hear me. NOTHING!"
  • Rock:"I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Wily had piced up you instead of me. I don't think I could have handled things as well as you..Maybe."
  • Roll:"Probably the greatest of us. I wonder if she knows it? Ah well, probably best not to tell her, it would go to her head."
  • Zero:"Sooner or later Zero, your anger is going to get someone close to you killed, or get you into too much trouble for you to escape. I'll try to keep you out of trouble but I dun't think I'll be able too."
  • Axl:"Nice guy really this new brother of mine, shame I haven't spent as much time with him as I'd have wished."
  • Cut Man:"Look bro, I love you and all but for the last time stay at least seven yards from my lab, things tend to explode if you so much as look into that direction."
  • Fire Man:"Ah the heart and soul of our little group, plus you can heat some pretty decent S'mores on his head."
  • Elec Man:"It's good you have tried to make something off yerself bro, just don't forget that yer always going to be an alpha."
  • Ice Man:"For the last time Ice Man there is no woman hiding in your closet waiting to hug you."
  • Guts Man:"You had your freedom Guts and you choose to throw it all away just to feel good. I understand but that don't make it right. But you have made your decision and now you must die with it."


  • Dr. Cossack: "Nice guy a bit obsessed maybe but what do you expect after all he's gone through."
  • Cinnamon:"She's so nice she gives me toothaches, nothing wrong with that mind. I just hope she continues to be nice even after spending so much time in war"
  • Blizzard Buffalo:"My friend and brother with another mother(and father). Yeah I know he's done some bad shit in the past but so have I, at least he's owned up to it and is trying to make amends."
  • Red:"Don't worry Red, I still believe in ya. Ya've only ever done right by me."
  • Mac: "If rock's one part heart one part power then Macs about ninety six parts heart one part power. Ninety six times he explodes spectacularly but the other four times..."
  • Michael Eildath:"Took me and my bros in after one of us killed our family. We still owe you man and I ain't about to forget that."
  • Sewa:"A genius and former ex-girlfriend of Rock. Nice girl trying to do the right thing. Cute as a button as well."
  • Tenma:"At last a Forcer who actually talks some sense. I'd vote for her if there was an election"
  • Geo Stelar:"He forgave when others would fight. I respect that.. I respect that alot"

Enemies who are also friends

  • Atlas:"She can tear my arm off with her bare hands and stuff it down my mouth. I respect that it a girl. Also she's a avid student of tactics. Still she could do with relaxing a bit more. Seems tense sometimes."
  • Gemini Man:"Listen gem I understand how hard it is to make yer way in the world once yer libereated from control but yer treading a pretty narrow path there. Still yer on the right track at least."
  • Metal Man:"Man I've known Metal for decades and he's not a particularly bad guy all things considered. And if he happens to get uppity then just rip that blade of his head and poke him with it easy peasy."
  • Alecto:"She thinks there is nothing in this world that matters. Such a broken thing, well we'll see if we can't repair her."
  • Showroom Hawk:"Likes fireworks which makes her okay in my book, got in with the wrong crowd sadly. Hope things go well for her in the end but I got a bad feeling 'bout that."

Enemies that know perfectly well what the hell they are doing

  • Bass:"Ol' Fish head himself, One part psycho, one part complete and utter bastard and final part copycat. I dunno, maybe wily is to blame but Bass is Free for better and worse."
  • Magma Man:"Sould his soul to keep on destroying, reminds me of me if I were a completely evil psychopath. Wants to be remembered as the one who destroyed the world, lots of competition in that."
  • Dr. Regal:"Chip off of the black. Son of wily. Need I say more?"
  • Pat:"Completely and utterly broken. It's sad but he should be institutionalized as soon as possible, maybe he could be cured...possibly. This story only got a bad end."
  • Ra Moon:"The robot devil wants my soul. Thankfully he's dead, at least for the moment."