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Bon Bonne
Bon Bonne.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Bon Bonne.
Code Name Big Baby
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Serial Number Not Issued Yet.
Email Not old enough! See Trons.
Faction Unified Army
Function Enforcer/Gang Member
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Enforcer.
Secondary Specialty Bein' the Baby.
Primary Bon Bomber
Type Explosive
Secondary Streamer Straight
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Legends
Theme Song

Character Data



Bon Bonne is just a cute little baby who happens to be a member of that infamous group of super-thieves, the Bonne family. Bon is the group's expert with explosives, packing massive numbers of bombs for both personal and business use. This little tyke is also protected from harm by possessing a robotic body with the size and strength of Guts Man - able to stand nose to nose with the world's epitome of strength. Exactly how old Bon is remains a mystery, as does his exact relation to the Bonnes. And with his vocabulary starting and ending at "Babuuuuuuuu!", it's going to be very hard to get answers out of him.


Too Cute To Die, Resistance to Lava, Gurgling, Crying, Not Potty Trained, Sleeping, Occasionally Forgetting He's As Strong As A Sherman Tank, Making One Word Mean Anything, Baabuu




Cut Scenes

  • 2220-09-15: First Frost - The strong men are made martyrs.