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The Floating Fat Man
Personal Information
Real Name Botos
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date March 2nd, 2218
Serial Number UT/A RE-18-002
Faction Irregulars
Divisions Liberion Reserves
Function American Nuisance
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Singing (Badly)
Secondary Specialty Burn, Baby, Burn
Primary Hell Gravity
Type Fire Force
Buster Colors Green & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Voice Actor Mel Blanc as Foghorn Leghorn
Theme Song AC/DC - "Gone Shootin'"

Character Data

"YEEHAW! Time for a song!"


Botos is what happens when you don't have enough supervision in a college robotics lab. An engineering team at U-T Austin was given the task for a final project of creating a Reploid which would propel itself around using hover generators and use assistance drones to solve problems. The team managed to complete this objective easily, and then decided to embellish on the project's objectives in an ill-conceived effort to gain extra credit. A night of too much drinking and too little forethought later had the Reploid equipped with a gravity system that even the professor didn't fully understand, a sound system rivalling several concert halls, and several pre-loaded inclinations for the ill-trained Reploid to sing, sing, sing! Obsessed with gaining fame and fortune with his (awful) singing skills, Botos was acknowledged as a full Texan citizen shortly after Texas gained independence, and ultimately fell in with the Irregulars due to their above-average tolerance of bad performance art.


So Southern It Hurts (You), Awful Little Man, Ugly American, Too Loud, WAY Too Loud, Almost Worse Than Guts Man At Karaoke, Makes Karaoke Revolution Yield Before Him, Makes It Hot (By Lighting Things On Fire), Burning Up The Dance Floor (And The Dance Hall), We Don't Need No Water Let The Burn (Please)


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