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Bowl Man
Bowl Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Bowl Man
Code Name Ballmaster
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number DWN X02
Faction Robot Masters
Function Bowling Champion
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Bowling
Secondary Specialty Combat Bowling
Primary Bowling Bomber
Type Physical
Secondary Pin Set
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"It looks like this is a seven-ten split... so you're gonna need a master to pick up the spare."


Sometimes Dr. Wily has really good ideas. And sometimes Dr. Wily creates things like Bowl Man. Bowl Man is a man: a man who bowls. On the positive side, he gets along pretty well with the majority of Robot Masters; he's a man's man, he loves his beer, he loves his sports, and he loves the Robot Master culture. On the negative side, his power is that he's an excellent bowler. To make this worse, he's a bit stuck up about his incredible bowling prowess, and loves to enter tournaments so he will have trophies to display. He talks endlessly about bowling, and sees everything in metaphors related to bowling. Combat uses of his bowling abilities include the ability to surround himself or his enemies with bowling pins, using his highly advanced bowling ball technology to "bowl" them over while they are "pinned." He sometimes talks directly to his specially-created bowling ball, goading it to obey his whims. It is suspected that the ball may indeed be talking back to him, but if it does, only he can hear it. Despises golf.


Bowling, Knowledge: History of Bowling, Collecting Bowling Trophies, Can't Lead Anything but a Bowling League, The Bowling Ball is Actually Smarter, Excellent Aim, Crushing Beer Cans On His Head




  • 2225-04-03: Rock Your World - Rock gets a robot master factory blown up by just standing inside of it.

Cut Scenes