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Bradley Eildath
...and one had to die.
...and one had to die.
Personal Information
Real Name Bradley Williams Eildath
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s Edward Eildath & Julia Coleman
Birth Date November 8, 2190
Death October 24, 2221
Faction Ouroboros
Function New Model Soldier
Technical Specifications
Primary Peacekeeper - Head Shot
Type Physical
Secondary Stinger - Rocket
Type Explosive
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Ed Norton
Theme Song Street Fighting Man - Rolling Stones

Character Data

"Whatever your past has been, your future can be spotless."


A sharp mind and an undying determination to keep the significance of humanity in geopolitics has provided many opportunities for Bradley throughout the years. And while the fire for the cause burns without question, he has (by ill habit or unhappy chance) sided with a number of duplicitous persons of influence. Searching for his lot in the world, the man has finally achieved such with the Professor. With his skills and zealotry finally given unequivocal purpose, Bradley has molded to become an acolyte and a dangerous agent for the cause. Unequipped with the gift of charisma, Bradley relishes in performing the tasks that require a more persuasive method. Fiercely dedicated to his savior, he lashes out violently at those who would pontificate their message. His loyalty to the Professor is absolute.


Old Character Is Old, Having An Unpronouncable Last Name, A Very Long Resume, Therapy At Last, Too Hard To Cry, Too Rare To Die, UNKILLABLE


Born in 2190, Bradley was orphaned during the first attack of San Angeles by the Masters in 2200. Fire Man had murdered his oldest brother, Andrew, and his mother, Julia. Edward, his father, attempted to make a stand against the android but only died of injuries later in the hospital. With everyone dead, he presumed that his older brother Michael (the middle child) would have been dead as well. When the structure beneath their home collapsed, Bradley was buried alive. The ten year old boy did not perish, though the papers said otherwise.

During the turbulant times to follow the attack, Bradley was lost to records. Traumatized, he was unable to communicate effectively with the officials at the refugee camp and was thus never reunited with Michael and their grandparents. Unclaimed, he was adopted by another family in the refugee camp. A father with two children of his own, Gary Driffin was widowed by the atrocity. Taking pity on poor Bradley, he added a third to his fold. His youngest daughter, Sadie, took a quick liking to Bradley as they were of similiar age. The older son, Brian, felt otherwise.

2208: Time passed, eight years had gone by, Bradley had lived as a Driffin almost as long as he had lived as an Eildath. On his 18th birthday, Bradley Eildath was recruited by his 'brother' Brian's organization. This was the chance that Bradley had waited for, to prove himself to his 'brother' who had always seemed distant to him.

Over the years Brian had become a role model to the youth of San Angeles. Feeding from the sorrow and anger of the wrongs done to them by the Masters, he had gathered a group. What had originally began as a clique became a movement. Their numbers grew and amassed to a formidable count, young and impressionable, they became undifferentiating with their rage. They hated all mechanical peoples, from the Masters who burned their homes to the new Repliforce that took jobs and made humans seem inferior in their inability to defend themselves. They called themselves the Human Voice. Bradley ate it up, he loved Brian and filled the void of Andrew and Michael with his presence. During this time Bradley also fell in love with Sadie and she with him.

2213: Five years go by and the movement took a turn for the worst. Brian decided that nobody had listened to their message and that nobody would continue to do so until they took action. Brian renamed the organization from the Human Voice to the Human Army, implying his new methodology. The Human Army began small, raiding depots at the pier importing reploid parts. Soon they moved up to setting explosives in reploid dense areas. This is when Sadie knew that they had gone too far.

Disgusted, Sadie ended her relationship with Bradley and swore never to be a part of her brother's schemes. She and her father (who never agreed with any of Brian's views in the first place) moved away, leaving a heartbroken Bradley and a bitter Brian to continue their guerilla warfare.

2214: Brian and Bradley's campaign was short lived. Ill equipped and limited resources wore away at their morale and soon the authorities wisened up to their tactics. The Human Army's roster dropped dramatically. The success rate of each operation plummeted. With a couple members dead, a handful arrested, and dozens leaving, Brian became reckless in his desperation to keep the momentum going. His recklessness would come back to him and he would pay the ultimate price. Evading capture from a night club bombing, the local authorities shoot Brian and fatally wound him.

Bradley is reunited with Sadie and Gary during Brian's funeral. Sadie says nothing and slaps Bradley when he attempts to talk to her. While all she ever wanted was to hold him and beg him to cease Brian's ways, she delivered the wrong message. Brad had interpreted the worst, that she had come to hate him. The two never spoke again.

Recovering from his loss, Bradley is hesitant to fill the role that Brian had left as leader of the Human Army. No sooner had Bradley taken control of the organization had he made another discovery, Michael. The Maverick Hunter had been broadcasted on the news for his heroics in saving a dam filled with hostages from a Maverick intent on flooding a nearby settlement. Shocked at having discovered that Michael was alive, he was equally shocked that Michael would side with the same machines that had usurped humanity's place, the same machines that murdered their family. Feeling betrayed, he motioned for the group to move its operation across the Pacific and to Asia where the movement was less known. Other members suspected an alternate motive.

The Human Army's first operation in Neo-Tokyo was intervened by the Hunters, just as Bradley had hoped. And just as he had hoped, his brother had arrived. Unexpected to the arsonist was the arrival of a Maverick who intended to qwell the anti-reploid sentiment in a less civil manner than the Hunter method. This would be the worst defeat for the Human Army, with several members arrested and others injured. Bradley, unconscious and hospitalized, was revealed for who he was. The long search for Bradley's identity and medical history proved futile to the doctors, their last hope (with the most remote chance of success) was to match his DNA. Perhaps he had kin by which to associate him with. The results were sent to Michael immediately.

2214: Abandoned by his people of the Human Army for his incompetance in leading the group into Neo-Tokyo for personal reasons, Bradley is left alone. He rejects the attempts of his older brother, Michael, in connecting with him. Bradley is stubborn in his views of mechanical life institutionally making humans obselete. His brother's blindess of the issue further infuriates him. It pushes him away and in his desperation for acceptance from a group who understood, comes under Kaust Losstaret's wing. With his experience and fervor for the anti-machine cause, Kaust quickly places Bradley as his right hand man for the Children of Eve. As if by cosmic irony, Bradley would lose his right hand from an encounter with Bass. Amputated, Kaust would provide Bradley with his first cybernetic implants.

Months pass, and Losstaret's unstable behavior begins to raise suspicion in Bradley. Upon further investigation, he discovers that Kaust had deceived him. The entire movement was a front to fill Kaust's monetary lust. Worse, he was secretly affiliated with the mastermind behind his parents' death, Doctor Wily. His defection from the Children of Eve would not go unnoticed. Doctor Landon DeVry, the third in the Wily-Kaust triumvirate, hunts and attempts to kill Bradley. His efforts are foiled by Michael, who in doing so gains Bradley's trust. Questioning his own purpose, Bradley travels the world for some soul searching.

2214 - 2217: Wandering the world alone, Bradley could not escape his past. He had become a fugitive, a known accomplice to Kaust Losstaret with Losstaret's signature cybernetic work marked on his body. He is recognized by several people on his journeys, narrowly escaping a fiery death from Vile in Africa and ruining many plots concocted by Wily's androids. His luck, however, would soon run out. During his trek through Mexico, a group of Masters corner Bradley. Savagely beaten and left for dead, he made his peace with the world and allowed the darkness to consume him. But the world was not finished with Bradley.

2217: Rescued by Fairy Leviathan of the fledgling organization calling itself Neo Arcadia, the man is ressurected. Having taken interest in his familial ties, Elpizo has Bradley placed on the road to recovery. Ciel brings him back with further cybernetic modification and other genetic treatments. He would be reborn more powerful than ever, and in his gratitude he swore loyalty to Neo Arcadia.

2218 - 2220: As the conflict between the Hunters and Neo Arcadia escalated, Bradley was assigned to investigate a rising conspiracy at the heart of the government. He discovered the treachery and predicted the conflict to come, preparing to use it for his own ends. Utilizing the Black SHIELD incident to stage his ultimate disappearing act, he would not reappear until Elpizo was dead (implying that his obligations to Neo Arcadia were at an end). Where he went during these years is known only to Bradley. The only thing known is that sometime during those years he came under the employ of Albert Wesker and his newly acquired Umbrella Corporation.

2221: During his time with Umbrella, Bradley was approached by the man known as Jack Krauser. Krauser offered Bradley a position in Black SHIELD. For reasons known only to the two, Bradley accepted and was reunited with the Guardians (who, after Elpizo's 'death', sided with the secret organization). There he met Brock Mason. During this time an associate to Black SHIELD known as The Professor had begun tampering with the Guardians and their personalities. A furious Bradley took issue. Helpless in the face of Prometheus, he turned to Protoman for help. Instead, Protoman beat Bradley and sent him back while inadvertantly placing Eildath at the mercy of the Professor.

Bradley awoke a week later. Many things came to pass as he slept. Mega Man, Light, and President Thackery had died. But most importantly, Wily was also dead. Bradley's purpose was no more, gone was the flame of hatred. Bradley Eildath found new conviction in bettering the world under the rule of the Professor.


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