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Buckfire Gazelroid
Japan, We Talked About This
Japan, We Talked About This
Personal Information
Real Name Buckfire Gazelroid
Race Pseudoroid
Gender male
Function Blitz Assault
Technical Specifications
Primary Burning Arrow
Type Fire
Secondary Meteor Kick
Type Fire
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX Advent
Theme Song

Character Data

"Buckfire obey rule! Buckfire will pummel you into ground!"


Buckfire Gazelroid is smarter than he sounds. A Pseudoroid constructed by Dr. Stevenson, Buckfire is a high-speed skirmisher who uses fire as his primary weapon. Dignified and honorable, Buckfire's desire to be elegant motivates him to try his best each day in spite of his difficulties with communication. Buckfire encourages his colleagues to be respectful and graceful, but his words often fall on deaf ears. Foes regularly underestimate Buckfire who think him to be simple-minded because of the way he speaks, leaving people vulnerable to his ambushes and advanced combat tactics.


Dignified As Possible, But It All Goes Out The Window When He Opens His Mouth, High Speed Assault, Martial Weapons, Fire




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