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Bud Bison
Bud and his buddy
Bud and his buddy
Personal Information
Real Name Bud Bisewski
Code Name Bud Bison; Taurus Fire
Race Melded
Gender Male
Creator/s Nick and Katherine Bisewski
Birth Date April 28, 2208
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Project Justice
Function Tuxedo Bud
Assignment Eat More Steak
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Running Into Things
Secondary Specialty All You Can Eat!
Weapons Fire, Horns, Stubbornness
Primary Taurus Fire
Type Fire
Secondary Trailblazin'
Type Fire
Buster Colors Yellow and Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force
Theme Song

Character Data

"C'mere, you twerp!"


Bud 'Bison' Bisewski is a big kid at heart. The son of two working-class Chicago natives, Bud's favorite things in the world are eating, being strong, and now being a soldier of love and justice. While Bud's parents are still mostly absent from his life, Bud has picked up a new peer group outside of his friends Luna Platz and Zack Temple; the Tactical Arms and Security Committee's Commando Project. Bud still feels a little overwhelmed by the changes in his life brought about by his partnership with the FMian Taurus Fire, but with the help of his friends, Bud can overcome any obstacle. While Bud's crush on Luna Platz hasn't abated, Bud and Taurus Fire are more focused now on seeking out the infinite power of love and friendship among their comrades. Dedicated to protecting the Earth, Bud and Taurus Fire have a habit of getting in over their heads in an effort to prove themselves to be the strongest there is. Taurus Fire's continued misunderstandings of human culture, and resulting efforts to 'help' Bud (and his friends!) can also get the two in trouble.


Boisterous Bruiser, Dumb Muscle, Husky (Not A) Russky, Made Of Iron, Hard (Empty) Head, The 'Brawn' Part Of The Team, Hats Off To The (Alien) Bull, The End Result Of Holznechtization, Da Bears, DA BEARS


Will be summarized eventually. In theory, at least.


  • Bud has Josef Holznecht for his powerlifting spotter and nutritionist.
  • Despite this, Bud can still be found at all-you-can-eat joints distressingly often.
  • Bud is a lineman for the Echo Ridge Dolphins, and is a rising star on the team and in college football conversations. He hasn't really thought much about college yet.
  • He and the FMian Taurus act like brothers. They talk, they fight about stupid things, but they are close as can be. The only one closer is his best friend Geo Stelar.
  • Everyone knows Bud is Taurus Fire. Showing up and changing into Taurus Fire in the middle of the Echo Ridge parking lot will do that.
  • Bud is now being trained by Prairie, at his request. This may not have been his brightest of ideas.
  • Bud is the newest star in Josef's Japanese ad for UNIVERSE POWER Teenz. It's been seen around the world via the net, is is wierd and cheesy, and Bud absolutely loves it.



  • Josef Holznecht - "You don't know how to strength-train until you strength-train with Mr. Holznecht. He also makes really cool ads, too."
  • Michael Eildath - "He's good at fire, almost scary good. I need to learn some more about fire from him soon."
  • Prairie - "She's faster and sneakier than I could ever dream being. The surprise 3 AM wakeups are rough, and I still barely get that book she gave me, but I'm still trying. I'm gonna pass this test yet!"


  • Geo Stelar - "He saved me more times than I can count. He kept me going and sane through the bad times, and he saved the frigging world. I'm never gonna be able to repay him for everything he's done."
  • Marshall Rider - "Awesome guy, and a good rugby player. That copy system of his is kinda weird, but it looks like it works great. And hey, not like I can talk about weird fighting stuff."
  • Taurus - "We've had our troubles. Like the time we met, and half of everything else we've done since then. But we're close as brothers, now, and that's not gonna change."
  • Tookie "Tough, brave, and really great looking. Right now, we're just friends. From what I heard, she has a thing for Shane Hunter. ...damn it."


  • Axl - "Never, ever think he's a pushover at rugby. 'nuff said."


  • Grid Man - "You think football is like that guy, Wily? You sick, sick man."

Its Complicated

  • Luna Platz - "...seriously, don't even ask. I don't wanna talk about this anymore."


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