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Burble Frog
Burble Frog.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Bubble Hekelot
Code Name Ensign Frog
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date June 23 2215 (Shared with Elmer Bolton!)
Serial Number Some... long string of factory numbers.
Faction Unified Army
Function Military Police
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Detective & Police Procedure
Secondary Specialty Aquatic Search and Retrieval
Weapons Bubbles, Insect Drones, Stretchy Limbs, Short Range Missiles
Primary Snare Bubble
Type Force
Secondary Energy Chain
Type Physical
Buster Colors Jade Green & Sunset Orange
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 2
Voice Actor John Simm
Theme Song See Below

Character Data

"You have the right to remain silent RIGHT NOW!"


Overworked and underappreciated, Burble Frog is a military policeman and a survivor of the destruction of the Fortress V. Swearing to never let another base fall to poor security, Burble has become a workaholic, volunteering for extra duty at every opportunity and insisting that things get done properly. Unfortunately, his workaholic nature has made him even more prone to being overlooked, as he's so often busy he's had little time to make a name for himself. In his rare leisure time he's more than willing to recount the strange stories that he's experienced in his long shifts, though he seldom has an audience for them. In combat, Burble specializes in non-lethal takedowns, small but effective in hand-to-hand combat. Capable of inflating himself and bouncing off of hard surfaces, he also uses a chain and his long tongue to help drain opponents of their power and restrain them for arrest.


Knowledge: Military Law, Knowledge: Overtime, Knowledge: Dark Man Is A Jerk, Workaholic, Inflating For Fun And Profit