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Burn Rooster
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date April 2216
Serial Number SDHI-038-207-1656
Faction QUILL
Function Drawing the Line
Assignment Bob Your Head
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Burnin' Shit
Secondary Specialty Talkin' Shit
Weapons Fire n' Feet.
Primary Melt Creeper
Type Fire
Secondary Flame Dive
Type Fire
OOC Information
Game Megaman X8
Theme Song Dio - STAND UP AND SHOUT: (Also see +Soundtrack)

Character Data

"You’ll never stop my burning heart... Or my BURNING FIST!"


As one might expect, Burn Rooster has a personality to match his nature. His passions run hot, as he tries to live life free and bright. He is a staunch idealist, trying to determine the nature of justice and right, and often seeks out ways to bring that justice to others. While he was comfortable as a part of the Hunter’s operations to protect the world, he could not ignore the corruption in the system that causes people to suffer, and so he joined the Nephilim in order to root it out. Capable of operating (and fighting) in areas of extremely high temperatures, he is quite handy with his legs for self defense. His shrill calls can also sometimes disrupt nearby machinery. Burn Rooster, ultimately, means well and holds a strong desire for a better world for everyone, but time will tell if he can truly rise to heroism beyond the fighting and the declarations for social justice.


Robot Chicken, Hot-Blooded, Check It And See, Hot-Headed, Calling Everybody Out, You Think He's Bad On The Radio? He's Like That In Person Too, Hot-Everything, Participating In Flame Wars, Burning Passion For (Ma-- Whoops, Hun- uhhh, Nephilim!) Justice, Not Chicken, Not Edible, This (Noun) Of Mine Burns With An Awesome Power


Burn Rooster was created in 2218, destined to a life in awaste disposal plant in Argentina. It was dirty, foul, and always worst of allmonotonous. To cope with the boredom he lived a wild life at bars, punk rockconcerts, and flimsy attempts at romance with unsavory characters. He didanything to escape the life he started to resent. The last straw came when hediscovered a reploid in the junk piles still alive, discarded by carelesshumans who didn’t bother to check if she was really dead. This angered him, andhe disappeared for weeks in the underground to clear his mind.

Cock Rocking.

It was this vacation that made him contract the Sigma Virus.He doesn’t know how or when it took hold, but his resentment and frustrationbloomed into full-blown hatred, prompting him to destroy the facility bykicking the reactor apart. Life in the Mavericks was full of fighting andstrife, but he was content: he had a purpose and something to believe in. However, for him, it was always the cause and not thesenseless violence against humans. As the Maverick continued to erode he foundhimself doubting Lumine’s leadership and preferring Epsilon instead. Yet hisego didn’t let him leave the Mavericks, until one day he just decided to giveup and turn himself in.

He was destined to remain in prison until the Hunters gavehim a second chance, for which he was grateful. But he never could get behindwhat he saw as a failing, family-dominated organization. Too rich, tooestablishment; like Toxic Seahorse he needed something else to deliver hisbrand of justice. His answer came with Prismatic Spider’s Nephilim group, andhis idealism is once again ignited. He has vowed that he will remain with thegroup until the end.



Beat Lyrebird: "This guy is way cool! We got the same musical tastes, and he helps me rock out when I need to. I'd consider him a best pal easy! I just need to toughen him up a little."

Showroom Hawk: "Showroom's awesome, she's pretty friendly and showed me some tricks with graffiti. My other best friend!"

Bamboo Pandamonium: "The big guy's kinda weird, and I don't get that 'zen' stuff but he's cool regardless, and good to have watching your back."