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Burner Man
Burner Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Firebat
Assignment Hot Tub Duty
Technical Specifications
Primary Wave Burner
Type Fire
Secondary Burner Dash
Type Fire
Buster Colors Green or Red & Pink
OOC Information
Game Megaman and Bass
Theme Song Get Back - Ludacris

Character Data

"Got a light?"


Burner Man is one sarcastic bastard. He doesn't seem to care about anyone or anything else but himself, doing things only if they benefit him in some way unless ordered to. And even then, he is very liberal on how he goes about the tasks assigned to him. Arrogant, cruel, ruthless, and without tact, Burner Man is not the most liked of Robot Masters. The high points of his day come when he gets the chance to set things on fire, which he does with a sadistic glee. Twin massive fuel canisters provide power for his arsenal of pyrotechnic attacks, including his specialty, the Wave Burner, a variable flamethrower which burns through foe and bystander alike. While appearing to be a straight-out fighter, he is more sneaky and devious on the battlefield than he may seem. Considered by many to be a specialist on traps, he has a wide variety of them at his disposal, ranging from large bear traps to land mines to small, surprisingly powerful auto-targeting flame jets, among others. To top it off, he's also armed with a number of explosive weapons, including canisters of flammable gas he lobs at his opponents like grenades.


Pyromania, Burning Stuff, Idle Hands, Sarcasm, Street Sense, Rebel, Delinquent, Gangsta, Doesn't Die Instantly When He Hits Spikes, Bragging, Self-Centered, Inflammable Means Flammable? What a Country!, Arrogance, Loose Cannon, Hothead, Hothead in a More Literal Sense, Pulling Traps and Grenades Out of Subspace, Able to Easily Move His Arms Despite the Freaking Huge Fuel Tanks on His Shoulders, Give Him a Knife and He's a Powerful Explosive, Cursing Like a F***ing Sailor




Cut Scenes