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Personal Information
Real Name Byte
Code Name Nightmare Bad-Cop
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Doppler
Faction Mavericks
Divisions Nightmare Police
Function Heavy Assault
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Nightmare Law Enforcement
Secondary Specialty Nightmare Guidance Counselling
Primary Yin Beam
Type Energy
Buster Colors Gold and Purple
OOC Information
Game Megaman X3
Voice Actor David Kaye
Theme Song The Distillers - Death Sex

Character Data

"A Maverick speaks through action and action or reaction is the true gateway to inner truth."


Created by Dr. Sigmund Doppler, Byte has had a long history with the Mavericks, and though he is a reploid it is no secret that the genocidal philosophy upon which hangs the rest of Byte's psyche is largely Sigmund's handiwork. But Byte has changed over time and with the destruction of the virus. With the death of Sigma Byte claims a fog has lifted on the Maverick movement and from the brink of madness a new epoch of perfection can be achieved, universal harmony. Harsh and brutal Byte does not tolerate anything less than perfection from his superiors and inferiors, but he realizes that even he is not perfect yet, and uses his wisdom and physical strength (through violence) as tools to sculpt his environs and peers in what he calls \"constructive criticism\" through deconstruction. He understands that cohesive unity and solid leadership are essential for Reploids to transcened their creators and attain their proper and destined place in the universe and he is constantly attempting to bridge the gaps that lie between his fellow mavericks and bring them closer. Through whatever means necessary and the means is justified by the ends, and Byte feels only through great pain can one truly come to find balance in themselves and his lessons can often leave scars. However he has gone to great lengths to purge himself of the rage and anger and destruction for the sake of destruction of the past caused by blind faith and viral infection and now he focuses only on his purpose. He has grown closer to his brother over the years even if they still disagree on some fundamental issues of approach but values this for the perspective it grants him. And of course their differences as always dissolve when they form Sigmund's ultimate legacy the Godmachine Binary.


Yin, No Mercy for Hunters, Slow as Molasses, Dark Art of War, Hand to Hand Combat, Convenient Blood Rains


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