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Snap. Crackle. Pop.
Snap. Crackle. Pop.
Personal Information
Race Replicant
Gender Neuter
Creator/s Martians/Master Albert/Dr. Wily
Creation Date ???
Death No.
Serial Number Martian Gibberish
Faction Robot Masters
Divisions MU, Elite
Function Sapient Mobile Weapons Database
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Saving.
Secondary Specialty Deleting.
Weapons Creativity
Primary Devil Seed
Type Sonic
Secondary Machine Resonance
Type Sonic
Buster Colors Vanilla & Red
OOC Information
Game Rockman.EXE Phantom of Network
Voice Actor Linda Young
Theme Song

Cache's Stardroid mode, Sunstar.

Character Data

"Well, you know the old formula: Comedy equals tragedy plus time. So I guess it's actually pretty funny when you do the math."


Designed at the end of the Martian civilization to serve as a mobile weapons database for Duo, Cache fills a different role in the Robot Masters. Master Albert merged Cache's original program with that of SIRWIN, the AI that monitored the Robot Gentlemen's E-Ring server, creating a robot that was distinctly Robot Master even before any reprogramming. The walking arsenal's bad attitude was modified by Wily, resulting in an amoral robot with the twin drives to preserve information in the databases forever and destroy what needs to be removed from this world - and Cache enjoys both jobs intensely. Cache retains ancient Replicant technology, including the ability to perform Soul Selection and download DNA Soul data for study, analysis, and use. With the additional support of a form based on the Stardroid Sunstar, Cache still has a lot to prove but the power to back it up.


SIRWIN: Sapient Integrated Remote Wily Information Nexus, Cache Server, 404 Errors, Androgynous Design, Devil-Type Body, Misunderstood The Definition Of Ear Rings But Was Too Proud To Change, Enjoys Testing, Testing To Destruction, Has A Very Punchable Face, Universal Minesweeper Champion, Internet Science, The Phantom of Networks, Easily Bored, Catalogues Everything, Combat Data Study, Actually Remembers Everybody's Primary Weapons, Spends Zero Time On Haircare Because Hair Is Pointless, Good Point: Analytical, Bad Point: Internet Addiction