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Captain Beard
Captain Beard.png
Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Function Pirate
Technical Specifications
Primary Pirate Whip
Type Blade
Secondary Fear Grip
Type Blade
Buster Colors Bright Red & Gold
OOC Information
Game Strider
Theme Song

Character Data

"He's just one man! WHAT CAN HE POSSIBLY DO?!"


Boris Kosloff was born bad and only got worse. Born into a crumbling Soviet democracy, Boris fought against his poverty by becoming a ruthless criminal. He battled his way out of the ghetto, then clawed his way to the top of a crime syndicate before being nearly killed in an elaborate assassination plot. But he refused to die, and took his bloody revenge after only a few weeks to recover in secret. His brutality and sadistic streak earned him a terrible reputation in Moscow, and he was eventually run out of town by the Spetznaz. However, this would not stop Boris, who once more fought his way to the top - this time as an air pirate in the Pacific Rim. He started as a crewman and tore his way up to become a captain of his own ship, though not without losing part of a leg and an arm along the way. He became part of the pirate underworld as an enforcer and rose high before the most recent collapse, and battled through numerous capture attempts to continue his reign of terror uninterrupted. Now that things are starting to return to normal, Boris can return to reaping the profits of working for various criminal syndicates. A ferocious and savage thug, Boris has taken on the relatively innocuous name "Captain Beard" and made it synonymous with terror in the Pacific skies.


Hates Russian Striders, Dislikes Hiryu, Has A Monkey, Barbossa's Spiritual Descendant, Doesn't Have A Thick Accent