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Captain Commando
Old School Hero
Old School Hero
Personal Information
Code Name Captain Commando
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s TOP-SECRET
Serial Number TOP-SECRET
Faction Unified Army
Divisions COMMANDO
Function The Captain
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Champion of Freedom and Social Justice
Secondary Specialty Leader of the COMMANDO Team
Weapons Captain Corridor, Captain Fire, Captain Kick
Primary Captain Corridor
Type Electric
Secondary Captain Collider
Type Electric
Buster Colors Blue & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Captain Commando
Theme Song

Character Data

"Commandos -- COMBINE!"


Captain Commando was made by men who feared that liberty's time upon the earth drew short. An anonymous war orphan on death's door was taken into a special UN project to make cybernetic super-soldiers. That orphan was rebuilt into a warrior, and raised to be the embodiment of the values of a specific vision of internationalist social democracy. That anonymous young man became the Captain, a champion of freedom and social justice. As the head of Section Z's COMMANDO initiative, the Captain was forged over a decade of combat into a battle-hardened leader of men, becoming both a master tactician and one of the world's greatest boxers. The Captain's experimental cybernetic technology is still cutting edge nearly 50 years after it was first implemented, making him an invaluable ally -- and a dangerous foe. Yet the Captain is a gentle spirit, striking to kill only when all other options have been exhausted, preferring to allow his foes the opportunity to change their ways (albeit in a military stockade in most cases). Soft-spoken and modest out of combat, the Captain dreams of one day quietly retiring to a ranch to raise horses and cattle. The Captain also has an insatiable but sophisticated sweet tooth from long exposure to fine Swiss chocolate as a boy.


Education (Democracy / Liberal Arts), Heavy Weapons (Himself), Languages (Most), Martial Arts (Boxing), Military Science, Military Strategy, Special Forces Training, Squad Tactics (Commando), All Charging All The Time, Can Speak In Logo, Born In The Wrong Century, Dudley Do-Right Stops To Help And Wins, Friend To Everyone, (Very) Tall, Blonde And Handsome, A Real Man Is A Hero, The Good Captain, His First Name Is Actually Captain, Do You Think This Star Stands For China?, It Stands For Everyone


Open for applications!