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Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Function She Wolf Of The SS
Technical Specifications
Primary Searing Vengeance
Type Blade
Secondary Radiant Strangulation
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Captain Commando
Theme Song

Character Data

"Crawl for me, you dog!"


Carol loves the power that beauty gives her over others. Growing up in a boring little town in Iowa, Carol left as soon as she was able. Smart and capable, Carol initially wanted to become a plastic surgeon. Moving out to San Angeles for school, she soon ran out of money. Carol became an exotic dancer to pay her bills, but found that she found the stage more compelling than the idea of ten more years of expensive school. When the Pantheon came along, Carol crossed the border to join up (and dodge her student loans). They were offering all sorts of benefits to nurses, and Carol was clever enough to pass muster. Once Elpizo disappeared, Carol skipped town, not needing the serious upkeep drugs like other ex-Pantheon. But beauty fades, and with it Carol's power over others. Facing a life of drudgery, Carol ended up on the skids in Las Vegas just as the Imperials began their attack. A chance encounter with Gottfried Groeder led her to abandon the flesh that had failed her. She sought him out after the battle, being remade into a flawless, eternal cybernetic beauty. Haughty and arrogant, Carol uses her feminine charms to get what she wants out of men. When that doesn't work, there's always electricity.


Hello Nurse, Candy Strip(p)er, Adventure Addict, Control Freak, Powered By The Universe - It Should Be Flattered That I Bother, Hitting People Is Fun, My Name Isn't Baby (Head), It's Carol, Miss Carol If You're Nasty, Your Future Is My Delicate Cobalt Boot Stomping On Your Face, Forever, Your Local Cyborg Nazi Bitch From Hell, Now I'm That Bitch