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Junior Strider
Teen Ninja
Teen Ninja
Personal Information
Real Name Celia Grace Westwood
Code Name Celia
Race Strider
Gender female
Creator/s Jane and Scott Westwood
Birth Date May 7, 2207
Serial Number 058-33-7121
Faction Grave
Divisions Development
Function Strider Trainee
Assignment UNS Colossus
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Strider Training Techniques
Secondary Specialty Athletics
Weapons European bastard sword; other bladed weapons
Primary Shining Silver
Type Blade
Secondary Hunting Silver
Type Blade
Buster Colors Carmine & Silver
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Always go a little further than you think you can."


Born in the lower-class Jersey suburbs of New York City, Celia was recruited by Mai Atsuki as a Strider trainee after achieving local notice for her incomparable athletic skills in track and field. Having graduated to the position of full Strider, Celia is becoming more skilled, and in turn becoming a more trusted member of Grave as part of the younger Operations Team Chariot and the apparent protege of Mai Atsuki; she has recently been working on her own skills and techniques. Mature for her age, Celia is often the voice of common sense amongst her peers and is both patient and dedicated, and is particularly known for pushing herself extremely hard. Now in her final year of high school, Celia has not entirely decided what to do next beyond her obvious career of 'ninja', and often feels uncertain about her future; her teenage dreams of being a professional athlete seem somewhat redundant nowadays, and she sometimes envies her more confident colleagues, such as Luna Platz.


Urban Ninja, Athletics (Track & Field, Parkour, Combat), Extreme Athletics, Climb The Highest Peak, Languages (English, Russian, Arabic), Swordmaster In Training, Martial Arts, Stealth, Philosophy, History, Survival, All This And A 4.0 GPA Too, Red Hair Does Not Mean Short Tempered, Born To Run, Starting To Believe


One of these days.


  • Celia is the second human being to climb Olympus Mons, after Mai Atsuki, but hers was more publicized.
  • Celia also took gold in the 2225 Battle and Chase car event.
  • Because of these, she has some fame as an athlete. She even gave a speech to high schoolers!
  • Celia has other athletic plans, too.