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Centaur Man
Centaur Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Cavalry
Assignment Tactical Pony Rides
Technical Specifications
Primary Centaur Flash
Type Energy
Secondary Centaur Arrow
Type Blade Energy
Buster Colors Green & Yellow with Polished Grey Boots
OOC Information
Game Megaman 6
Theme Song

Character Data

"Without the herd, there is nothing."


While designing the members for the Zeta squadron, Dr. Wily decided that four of them would be based on different warriors from the past. One of the chosen four was the dreaded horseman, able to crush his foes with his heavy weaponry and his horse's speed. Thus, Centaur Man was created, a merging of human and horse, he was to be the perfect cavalry warrior. One of Dr. Wily's few honourable and trustworthy Robot Masters, Centaur Man tends to be a bit serious and melodramatic. Neatness is important to him, and he expects others to keep clean as well. He spends most of his free type at polishing his hooves or combing out his long horse's tail. He possesses a limited form of teleportation, able to zap to a position in any direction up to 30 feet away, though if he tries further distances he loses control over his destination. The Centaur Flash freezes everyone in the area for a short while, allowing him to run down his enemies. He is reluctant to use this weapon, since it works on friend and foe alike. Centaur Man's real attacks are mostly physical, though he has some ranged weaponry, an example being his crossbow, which can shoot arrows of varying kinds. His hooves are hardened titanium alloy studded with microscopic diamonds. One of his favourite tactics is to trample his foes. A kick from his front hooves can shatter a cinder block, and one from his two hind legs can cave in the strongest of metals. He can also carry three human sized passengers on his back. He performs tasks that would be better passed onto others more physically suited.


Cleaniless, Wearing a Saddle, Knowledge: Herd Dynamics, Giving Horsey Rides, Steeplechase, Jumping, Knowledge: Greek Mythology, Tabletop RPG Player




  • 2228-01-25: ULTRONQUEST: Savage Land Node - The Robot Masters embark on a campaign against Ultron, first striking a mining operation in the Savage Land.

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