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Cerveau during his time at Neo Arcadia
Cerveau during his time at Neo Arcadia
Personal Information
Real Name Gerard Thomas Cerveau, Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc
Code Name DeGaulle
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Birth Date July 14, 2176
Serial Number 5540-0912-34675
Faction Unified Army
Function Weapons Engineer
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Weapons Development
Secondary Specialty Theoretical Mechanical Engineering
Weapons Invention
Primary Weapon Of The Month
Type Physical
Secondary Omni-Gauntlet
Type Physical
Buster Colors Olive & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero
Voice Actor Stephen Fry
Theme Song [[theme::Forget About What I Said - The Killers]]

Character Data

"Weapons will never go out of style, mon ami!"


Brilliant but repentant, Cerveau is a formerly amoral scientist assigned to the United Nations as a purgatory for past misdeeds. Though he was responsible for developing most of the technology Neo Arcadia used to stir unrest, his allegiance was motivated by grief after the death of his children while working for the French Resistance. After the Genocide Virus was used on civilians Cerveau quit the faction and vowed to make weapons to keep peace rather than wage war. Affable and kind-hearted, Cerveau creates no illusions about his explosive interests and his fascination with warfare can sometimes cause unease. As his weapon designs can sometimes cross into the realm of the weird and seemingly impractical, some remain sceptical about his "Weapon of the Month" approach.


Action Scientist #27, Like McGyver When It Comes To Building A Death Ray, Standing Just Outside Of The Blast Radius With Pride, Gratuitous French, Outrageous Accent, Actively Ensuring Peace Through Superior Firepower, Badass Bookworm, A Doomsday Device For Every Occasion, Now Go Away Or I Shall Taunt You A Second Time




Cerveau at Repliforce