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Charge Man
Charge Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Charge Man
Code Name None
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number DWN-038
Faction Robot Masters
Function Ground Assault
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Ground Assault
Secondary Specialty Bashing Things
Primary Charge Kick
Type Physical
Secondary Cargo Stampede
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 5
Theme Song

Character Data

"Respect only comes from power. Remember that when you regain consciousness!"


A large robot with an outsize personality, Charge Man has a bottomless appetite for violence, food and drink, and indulges himself with reckless abandon. He's determined to live life as hard and fast as he can, and has little patience for those who do not share his enthusiasm. But brawling is Charge Man's greatest pleasure, and in that regard, everybody is a potential rival. He thrives on competition and eagerly anticipates finding a well-matched challenger on the battlefield, but in the absence of a fair fight, he's just as happy to pummel someone weaker than himself into submission. Charge Man is a highly impatient robot with a notoriously short temper; the engine of his fury is easy to stoke, and when it burns its hottest, he's prone to losing himself in a berserker rage, unable to calm down until either he or his opponent lies still on the ground. He's not entirely humorless- but his fellow Masters may still find his bombastic joviality overbearing. Charge Man is one of the more physically powerful masters, his body solidly built and surprisingly fast. He'll eagerly throw his weight around in battle, ramming opponents with the aid of his wheeled feet, and can launch flaming embers from the smokestack on his head. Charge Man's rages often mean he can't be controlled so much as pointed in the right direction and unleashed, limiting his usefulness to front line combat. A crafty opponent can take advantage of his furious recklessness, but should take care in the attempt lest they find themselves helpless on the tracks.


The Original Pain Train, Mighty Rage, Epic Brawling, Greater Shouting, Advanced Eating, Supreme Drinking, Never Leaves Berskerer Stance, Never Deactivates Power Attack, Pain Suppression, Tunnel Vision, Live Fast & E-Ring Young, The Reason the Cops Got Called to the Party, Let's Fight, Right Here, Right Now, Do You Know Who I Am?, I Don't Think You Know Who I Am, I'm THE GOD DAMN CHOO-CHOOGERNAUT




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