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SH-004 "Protoman Soul"
SH-004 "Protoman Soul"
Personal Information
Real Name Eugene Enzan Chaud
Code Name Mr. Chaud
Race Human
Gender Male
Creator/s Shuseki Ijuin & Irene Chaud
Birth Date May 15, 2197
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Security Division
Function Variable Swordsman
Assignment Kawaii Killers Graduate
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Urban Warfare
Secondary Specialty SWAT
Weapons Variable Blade System, Generalized Violence
Primary Delta Ray Edge
Type Blade
Secondary Cross Divide
Type Blade
Buster Colors Crimson & Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network
Voice Actor Steven Blum
Theme Song Shinedown - Diamond Eyes

Character Data

"When you're done playing, all debts must be paid in full."


Chaud is a man who has suffered, both for his sins and for his government. A military career and the horrors of the invasion of Normandy did little to temper the rough Detroit youth, leading to his near-death at the hands of Protoman following a military engagement with the former Gospel Netmafia. Sobered by the experience, Chaud put his life back on track, finding a new purpose as the test pilot for Shane Hunter's brilliant power armor designs, putting his life at risk time and time again in creating the cutting edge of armor technology. Now a man of unshakeable will and seemingly endless courage, the serious edge has only made him more like his estranged father, a fact that he and Shuseki would vehemently deny. A devoted and dedicated soldier, his younger days seem like another life entirely.


Yeah Buddy That's His Own Hair, Kicking Things Until They Explode, Cutting Things Until They Explode, Spontaneously Catching On Fire, Professional Hardass, Red Power Armors Kill Three Times Faster, Possesses Several Highly Relevant Warning Labels, Drive Ignition, We Can Rebuild Him, We Have The Technology, Allergy: Cybernetics


Mr. Chaud was born in Detroit to a visiting college student and a free-spirited artist, both were high on the life promised by the robot revolution ending the need for human labor. They believed in the idea that soon their dreams would just be handed to them.

And then none of that bright, promised future arrived.

Chaud was raised by a single mother and grew up tough and mean in response to a world that just didn't have room enough in it for him. He fought for his breathing space and got out at the first chance he could. He enlisted at a young age in the hopes of making something out of himself in the UN's new power armor army. He nearly made himself into fertilizer. In the years since he's marketed his skill as a warrior to a wide assortment of groups, ranging from STARS to Repliforce.

His wild ride through burnout, war crimes and dangerous instability left him as a glorified errand boy for the leadership of Legions before he finally managed to get his act back together again. He parlayed his skill as a power armor pilot into becoming the test pilot for the root of all mass production power armor: The Hunter Industries 'Protoman' suit.

Today he is a member of Star Force's Security Division, the Satellite Police. Many members of his division are investigators and law enforcement officials, a role Mr. Chaud has played in the past, but most of all the Marine acts as a liaison between Security and more military oriented Divisions. In a pinch he acts as the Satellite Police's very own in house SWAT Team.


  • Chaud inherited a degenerative condition which finished killing off the last of his pigmentation during his recovery from having his heart torn out by Vile.
  • Unless you have actually died, Mr. Chaud has probably been hurt worse than you and survived.
  • The KFC Bucket damage status on the MUSH is named in his honor.
  • He still has that KFC Bucket and he has had it bronzed.