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Personal Information
Real Name Chest
Code Name N/A
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number Confidential
Faction Independent
Function GNN Manager
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Network Managing
Secondary Specialty Getting Angry
OOC Information
Game Megaman: Battle and Chase
Theme Song

Character Data

"You get results, or you get out!"


Like a number of media moguls, Chest is opinionated, explosive, and a bit nuts. His outbursts of temper are legendary, but they get the needed results. Chest's a no-nonsense, hard-hitting individual who not only scoops the competition, but does it in a way that earns the respect of everyone - except the criminal element. Chest insists on having the hard, cold facts before he runs a story, a trait he demands of all his reporters, too. Despite his tough exterior, Chest is more a paternal figure to his staff than a boss. He has a special fondness for Plum, treating her like a surrogate daughter at times. He even likes Reporto more than he'll ever admit, even though he does get tired of the little punk calling him "Chief" all the time. Though he has a small hoversystem for travel, Chest relies on getting most of his field information from a semi-autonomous rolling minicam named "Camera" which feeds info back to him - though it isn't above adding in its own opinion in unintelligible jargon that only Chest can understand. He is also fond of running his own editorials after interviewing those involved personally, and makes a point to try and show both sides of any conflict. Despite his bluster, Chest's occupation and body shape make him very unsuited for combat of any sort.


Shouting, Morality, Fatherly Instincts, Don't Call Me Chief!, Looking Like A Chess Piece, Getting Both Sides Of A Story, Needing All The Facts, Interviewing, Reporting, Gets Down Stairs Like R2-D2, Doing Reporting Work Despite Being The Boss, Having A Temper.






  • 2216-06-06: Before the Public Eye - Chest invites Senator Maria Romero of Spain, along with Abernathy and Secretary General McLaren, over to have a mannerly debate on some of Romero's recent press conferences.