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Chill Man
Chill Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date July 02, 2223
Serial Number DUAK-076
Faction Robot Masters
Function Frustrated Landscape Artist
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Landscaping
Secondary Specialty Arctic Missions
Weapons Chill Spike, Tackle and Jump Attacks
Primary Chill Spike
Type Ice
Secondary Icy Spikes
Type Blade Ice
Buster Colors Teal & Light Teal
OOC Information
Game Megaman 10
Theme Song

Character Data

"A frozen beauty never fades."


Chill Man was designed to work in the cold climate area of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Equipped with a cryogenic system capable of creating elaborate constructions out of ice, Chill Man's artistic inclinations were encouraged as a way of making that normally foreboding part of the park more attractive to tourists. But Chill Man's visions of stark arctic landscapes were 'too edgy' for Disney Universe. Literally: Chill Man's favorite designs involved lots of sharp edges. After a disagreeable incident that resulted in some injuries to some of the animals, Chill Man was reassigned to producing postcards of the existing park, which offended his artistic sense. Bitter and resentful, Chill Man believes the purity of his artistic vision is more important than anyone's comfort level, safety or even survival. Suffering is just as much of a part of artistic expression as joy; in Chill Man's case, he gets his joy from watching other people's suffering. But while Chill Man can pick apart other people's work, he is notoriously sensitive about his own.


Ice Sculpture, Extreme Ice Shaping, Photography, Arctic Survival, Making Stage Appropriate Obstacles, Mad Artist, Cold Hearted Critique, You Just Don't Understand My Zeitgeist, Man, Pushing People Into Spikes For Offending His Artistic Sensibilities




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