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Chill Penguin
Chill Penguin.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Chill Penguin
Code Name Chill Penguin
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date January 10th, 2203
Serial Number Wouldn't you like to know
Faction Unified Army
Function Arctic Operations
Assignment Tenko's Kawaii Killers
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Ice Fighting
Secondary Specialty Anti-Fire Conspiracy Destruction
Weapons Ice, Snow, Frost, Anything Not Fire Related
Primary Shotgun Ice
Type Ice
Secondary Blizzard
Type Ice
Buster Colors Ice Blue & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman X
Theme Song

Character Data

"Hot heads and cold hearts never solved anything."


An early recruit into the Mavericks, Chill Penguin never had the heart for the brutal warfare espoused by the group, and became known as something of a coward and a shirker. Given a second chance when the virus was cured, he has rededicated himself to fighting for law and order, and as a member of Star Force his valor is seldom called into question. While still reticent and shy socially, on the battlefield Chill Penguin shows talent he seldom demonstrated in the Coalition, using compressed nitrogen to cause showers of ice and burst of icy shrapnel. Despite his age, he is still one the best operatives in arctic conditions.


Nervousness, Ice-Making, Belly-Sliding, Swimming, Pyrophobia, Hoarding Mandatory Leg Upgrades, Agreeing With Dodongos On Key Fire Code Issues, From The Arctic Circle With A Grudge Against Italy, Freezing Entire Factories, The True First Boss Battle, Some Other Really Funny Long Winded Skills That Are Clearly Not Compensating For Anything At all, No Siree!




  • 2228-02-22: ULTRONQUEST: Menace of the Machine Man - Slur and the Robot Masters attack Innerpeace's Paradise Fountain with an army of strange robots. But what are they after?
  • 2228-03-01: ULTRONQUEST: To Collar a Titan - Slur and the Robot Masters sneak into Asgard during a pitched battle in order to forge an Uru body for Ultron. Someone says nay.
  • 2228-03-08: ULTRONQUEST: A Wish Come True - Slur and the Robot Masters attack the Avengers with the aid of their newly unstoppable ally, Ultron.
  • 2228-03-16: The Great Allied Pub Crawl - For St. Patrick's Day, the Allied forces undergo a perilous journey across twelve bars, taking them on a journey around the world... and to Mars!
  • 2228-07-25: The 69th Annual Wily Hour - The Robot Masters are at it again with the hard-hitting social commentary. Sonia Strumm has some of her own grievances to air.
  • 2230-04-01: Last Flight Of The Legendary - A stellar anomaly on Ganymede reveals a ship thought long lost - and it's not alone.