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Chris Redfield
Personal Information
Real Name Christopher Redfield
Race Human
Gender Male
Birth Date 5/20/2194
Faction Unified Army
Divisions 17th Unit
Function Pointman
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Chris can knock enemies through closed doors with a right hook and is fully capable of killing a man by punching him in the ass.
Secondary Specialty Anti-Bioterrorism Operations
Weapons MercWorx Goliath Knife, Ithaca M37 Shotgun, Beretta 92F Custom "Samurai Edge"
Primary Rocket Launcher
Type Explosive
Secondary Boulder Punch
Type Pwn
Buster Colors Green & Gray
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil
Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith
Theme Song

Character Data

"Never again - the world must be protected from those who would exploit the innocent."


A former member of STARS, Chris Redfield is one of the few survivors of the Raccoon City incident. Recruited into the Maverick Hunters several years later, he moved to Star Force when that organization folded. Dedicated to eradicating the bioweapon legacy left by Umbrella in its collapse, he continues to serve with distinction, both as a field agent and as a fighter pilot. As part of this legacy, Chris has steadfastly refused genetic or cybernetic augmentation, but despite this is remarkably effective even for an unaugmented human. Despite his stern attitude, he is devoted to his team, refusing to accept defeat or leave an ally behind.


Heavy Weaponry Except For Useful Heavy Weaponry, Carrying a Surprisingly Low Amount of Items, Can't Tell When Rock's Changed Buster Weapons, Rescuing the Girl, Playing Life on Hard Mode, Too Masculine For Piano, Headshot + Shotgun = Oh My, Thinks A Knife Is Just Fine Too, Absolutely Ridiculous Shot, Easily Confused


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