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Dr. Ciel Mallory
Science is hard work...
Science is hard work...
Personal Information
Real Name Ciel Renée Mallory
Code Name Mom
Race Human
Gender Female
Creator/s August Mallory & Marie Duvalle
Birth Date June 21, 2187
Serial Number 314-13-1516
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Science Section
Function Genetic Engineer
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Medicing & Genetics
Secondary Specialty Cybernetics
Weapons Cyber-Elves
Primary Nurse Elf Sacrifice
Type Energy
Secondary Energy Bottle
Type Energy
Buster Colors Pink & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero
Voice Actor Tara Platt
Theme Song She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby

Character Data

"Our future lies not just in the stars, but in the boundless potential of our own DNA."


The foremost authority on human physiology and genetic manipulation, Ciel Renée Mallory has led a tumultuous life. A young expert in her field, she was swept up in the rise of the Neo Arcadian movement, her experimental genetic augmentation forming the backbone of the human supremacist army. When the regime collapsed in 2220 she fled into US custody, eventually finding a place in LEGIONS as she worked to rebuild her shattered reputation. Founding her own company, Charité Technologie, she's spent the last half decade advancing the science of genetic manipulation, culminating in the Champion Initiative, Star Force's own division of augmented human soldiers. Though Ciel constantly strives to be a better person, she can be tactless and overprotective, not to mention somewhat absentminded. She continues to promote the use of genetics to improve the human condition as a member of Star Force and as a wealthy businesswoman.


Dr. Light Of Meat, Medicine, Physiology, Genetics, Cybernetics, Polyglot(English, French, Spanish, German, Quenya, Sindarin, tlhIngan Hol), An Elf For Every Occasion, Dinosaur Lover, Eternal Teenager, High-Pitched Screaming, Cinnamon Fan, Can Never Remember That Line



Ciel Renée Mallory was born on Midsummer's Eve in 2187, the only daughter of Brigadier General August Mallory (3rd Army, Rammstein) and Marie Duvalle. Born on a French military base, she grew up all over the world as her father, a veteran of the Chinese Revolution, moved between bases as part of his career. A child prodigy, she was reading by the age of three, routinely impressing visitors to her parents with her polite but inquisitive nature. She picked up a lot of military protocol from her father, instilling in her a lifelong respect for military authority.

Her curiosity about how the world worked could never be sated, and at the age of six, she tried to heal a lark that crashed into the window of her house. Distraught when it died, she tried to run away from home, falling from a fifteen foot fence around her home and snapping both legs below the knee. The wounds healed poorly, crippling Ciel for years to come, but that horrible night only strengthened her resolve to learn medicine.

Bedridden for most of a year, she read voraciously, teaching herself medical theory, high school mathematics, and literature. She became an avid fan of fantasy, and by the age of seven she'd taught herself Elvish from books by and about J.R.R. Tolkien, delighting her parents with melodic singing in the constructed language.

After her recovery, her parents tried briefly to enroll her in normal classes, but Ciel felt stifled in a class of her peers, spending most of her time reading and rarely interacting with her classmates. A few months later she returned to home schooling, though she largely set her own pace in learning, soaking up knowledge like a sponge. She had few real friends, only her physical therapist and several 'pen pals' in the medical community who had taken an interest in the young genius.


Ciel enjoying a sunny day.

By the time Ciel was twelve she was already an active participant in the online medical community, and several colleges were courting her. She passed her high school equivalency exam on her thirteenth birthday, accepting a special offer to attend the University of California in San Angeles, which was eager to gain positive attention after the destruction of the much of city by alumnus Dr. Wily earlier that year.

Despite being allowed a single-occupancy room college quickly overwhelmed Ciel, falling in with a group of gamers in her dorm. Known as their 'little sister,' she was the groups tagalong for the first few months of college. Her grades suffered as her so-called friends were more interested in taking advantage of her than anything else. After on particularly disastrous night she met William Wiggin, seemingly by accident. Falling in with Wiggin and his older friend, Albert Wesker, Ciel failed to notice as her old group of "friends" fell apart, several dropping out and others disappearing under mysterious circumstances.

Despite the mutual attraction between William and Ciel, she was too shy to ever act upon it, and in 2205 began graduate studies at the Université Louis Pasteur in France. She achieved her doctorate in 2212, already a budding star in the field, though even then she was beginning to feel constrained by the rules and regulations of the United Nations.

Neo Arcadia

Ciel and Alouette

Ciel moved to Mexico City in 2213, hoping to better the situation of the people there, who were suffering under repeated attacks by the Mavericks and Robot Masters. It is during her years here that she meets Elpizo, an old veteran who is horribly injured in the riots and robot assaults on the city. As she nurses him back to health, they form the initial idea of a human-only society: Neo Arcadia. Ciel begins to work in secret on human enhancement.

Together they travel the world, recruiting followers to their cause. Ciel uses her newfound skills to make Elpizo young again and to halt her own aging, wanting them to be icons of the power of her new technology. During their travels, Ciel rescues a small girl from a combat zone in Shanghai. She does what she can for the grievously injured child, augmenting her and slowing her aging to ease the strain of cybernetics in one so young. Elpizo hides Prairie's true identity from Ciel, who names the child Alouette.

Ciel creates the Pantheon and the first of the Guardians: Sage Harpuia, Fairy Leviathan, Templar Fefnir, and Umbra Phantom In April of 2217, they ally themselves with the French Foreign Legion and establish the nation of Neo Arcadia in Mexico. Ciel balks at the violence of the new regime, though she continues to give her support as she develops the enhanced Pantheon soldiers.

That fall, she attempts to return home to introduce Alouette to her parents, who retired to Canberra in 2203. She gets into a shouting match with her father, the highly decorated veteran very critical of the new regime, and they don't speak again for nearly five years as she storms out on them.

Neo Arcadia's fortunes wax and wane over the next two years. At the height of their power, Pantheon troops storm as far north as San Angeles, supported by a cybernetic Tyrannosaurus created by Ciel to fight larger reploids. At the same time, however, Ciel grows more and more wary of her often uncontrollable soldiers. She continues to push her science, and for the first time since college she meets William Wiggin, an important Strider and an officer in the Umbrella Corporation. She almost flees Neo Arcadia with him, a decision she regrets for years to come.

In May of 2219, Kirin Mathers, a bioweapon who had rescued Ciel from the destruction of Neo Arcadia's base only a month before, sold her soul to Ra Moon and tried to kidnap Alouette. Ciel, desperate to save her adopted daughter's life, uses a virus to destroy the Blade Dancer on the cellular level. This is the first time that Ciel has ever killed anyone, and it shakes her to her core.

The Fall

Ciel and Alouette sharing a rare quiet moment together.

In unveiling of the Genocide Virus is the last straw for Ciel. The plague nearly claims Alouette's life, and Ciel, trapped in the unravelling regime, finally flees to US custody in January of 2220. Ciel is content to remain a prisoner so long as she can protect Alouette, but even this is short lived, as Daryn Luna and Andrew kidnap her daughter and take her to Wiggin, who undoes the alterations that Ciel performed on Alouette, forcing her maturation into Prairie. In July, the US government offers her a deal: aid the resistance to what's left of the Neo Arcadian regime, now led by Dr. Weil in formerly Maverick-held Europe. It's an uneasy fit, Ciel still uncomfortable around robots, despite the friendliness of Cinnamon and others.

As she works with the resistance she also dedicates herself to helping the victims of the Maverick and Robot Master regimes that devastated Europe. In the fall she found Charité Technologie to further her work and start developing medical technology once more. In December she saves the life of Eugene Chaud, regrowing over ninety percent of his body after at attack by Protoman on the STARS leader.


Ciel and Passy

It's only weeks later when Alexia Ashford took advantage of Protoman's aggression, releasing the T-Virus on the world. For the next three months Ciel works almost without rest to try and put a stop to the virus, using Umbrella research provided in secret by Albert Wesker. Ashford attempts to destroy her research, attacking Charité with a biomonster snake, Yawn, but a resistance team fielding a Tarchia (a kind of ankylosaur) manage to stop it. Ciel is badly injured in the attack and is relocated to the Fortress V, continuing her research under the protection of Gareth.

On March 7th, her work nearly complete, she deploys herself to help, riding a ressurrected Triceratops horridus, later named Trixy by Ciel's allies. Ciel herself ends up face-to-face with Dr. Weil, who gives her one last chance to join his regime.

"I had a vision! A vision of perfection! Of flawlessness! And where did that vision lead? To divisiveness, to genocide, to death! Hundreds, thousands dead because I was blind to what I was doing! In my attempt to improve humanity I created inhuman monsters! But I've learned! I've watched people fight together, watched human and reploid work side by side! I was wrong! We were wrong! Everyone is a person, no matter what they're made of, no matter if their brain is organic or silicate! My work should have been to better the world, not fuel a quest for racial superiority! This was my lesson! I had to lose everything! My home, my future, my daughter! I had to see what I was I had become, and what I should be! And it's not you! It never will be you!" - Ciel Mallory, March 7, 2221

Weil lashes out, impaling Ciel on a giant sword. It's only through the quick action of Storm Owl and Cinnamon that she survives. She spends the rest of the conflict in her lab, completing the virus and releasing it to the world after Alexia's defeat, ending the threat of the T-Virus once and for all. That December, she accepts the Nobel Prize for the discovery.

She works with LEGIONS after the defeat of Weil and Ashford, helping to rebuild Europe as Charité's fortunes grow. Her innovations make her wealthy, and Charité helps in the efforts to colonize Mars, restore extinct species, and slowly lobbies to begin work in human augmentation. Ciel also reconciles with Prairie, and the two remain close.

In 2222 she begins dating Repliforce soldier Dash, though it's hampered by the young man's tendency to get in over his head. She ends up leading an assault on Heaven's Fortress when after one such misadventure leaves him in the custody of Ouroboros. She

Later in the year establishes a private island, using it to store genetic experiments recovered from The World, as well as a number of chimeric species that Ciel found in a former Black SHIELD facility. Among these are the remains of a dragon. In secret, Ciel creates a egg from its DNA, hiding it beneath Charité to incubate.

Crucis Crozier

Crucis Crozier

On January 1st, 2223, Ciel announces the isolation to the human DNA soul, the culmination of months of study after the successful transfer of Dr. Doppler's consciousness to a reploid neural net. Ciel is beset by critics in the scientific and religious communities, and her self-esteem hits an all time low as prominent elements in the church call for her excommunication. Her despair makes her a tempting target for the FMians invading Earth, and she becomes the host of Crux. Under Crux's influence she nearly kills Hi-Max and publically dumps Dash. Fleeing under fire, she's finally cornered in Neo-Tokyo, where Prairie and a mysterioud ADF agent finally talk her down, freeing her from the FMian's control. Prairie nurses Ciel back to health, and Ciel hesitantly communicates with the defeated FMian, making peace with her with the help of Tenko.

The dragon egg hatches on April 29th. Ciel names the newborn dragon Seiryuu, raising him quietly as her son. She slowly reveals his existence to others, ensuring that he has civil rights and as good an education as she can provide. He grows slowly in body but quickly in mind, and over the next three years absorbs enough knowledge to rival many adults.

The founding of Barsoom colony.

In June Ciel officially enters the colonization game, founding Barsoom colony on Mars. Barsoom is both a colony and a testbed for human augmentation, and the success of adapting people to live on the cold surface of the red planet. This also opens the doors to expanded human augmentation on Earth.


Ciel weathered Earth's Steampunking better than some.

In 2224 Ciel accepts a contract with Repliforce and begins work on a human augmentation program headed up by her daughter, Prairie. Four people are chosen to be the first of the Champion Initiative: Raoul, Helene Sundstrand. Phaethon Eridanos, and Tukiyo Kaminari. Much to Ciel's chagrin, the public tags them with the same code names as the Guardians of Neo Arcadia, and the names stick. Champion is quickly put to work, moving to stop two renegade members of the old Neo Arcadian regime, Doigt and Marius Radulescu, who seek to establish a new Neo Arcadia in Mexico.

Late in the year, a time incident on Ibis Island brings dozens of dinosaurs into the present day. Accepting a contract from Grandmaster Meio to catalogue and preserve these creatures, Ciel uses them as the foundation for Pangaea Park, a dinosaur zoo that opens in 2225. She also saves the life of Excella Gionne after an assassination attempt by Ouroboros. Though rivals in business, the two remain in touch afterwards as friends.

When Albert Wesker turns evidence against Umbrella in 2225, Ciel is spurred to begin looking into their shared past. She and Prairie locate William Wiggin's mother, learning at last the devotion Wiggin had to Ciel. It brings further mysteries with it as well, ones that Ciel is still attempting to unravel.

Her fortunes grow through the 2225 and into 2226, Ciel promoting human augmentation beyond Star Force. She has a relationship with Nathan Spencer, though the requirements of their respective jobs prevent the two from growing truly close. She also meets The Promise and The Threat, slowly learning of their pasts and their connection to a version of Ciel from another reality, as well as that of Sonia. It's a mystery that ties back into her own research into her past, and one that she's still unravelling.

In February of 2227 Seiryuu informs Ciel that he needs to return to his own world. She bids a tearful goodbye to her son, who promises to help them save Sonia Strumm, who has been kidnapped by an extradimensional Clock Man. Soon after, her friend Janna decided to come and live with her, her own daughter Fiona soon to graduate from high school.

In July, Ciel loses a hand to the Shadaloo assassin Balrog, though it is quickly fixed. This takes her out of the search for Sonia for some time, at least until they discover Davania, where Ciel again meets her son, now the ancient and powerful king of that nation. They manage to avert his fate, ensuring that Seiryuu's line will continue for the forseeable future of Davania, changing the history of the planet Mystara.

In the fall she is happy to attend the marriage of Helene Sundstrad and Marshall Rider, rejoicing in one of her champions finding happiness with the often-troubled young commander.

In 2228, working with the US government, she officially begins the next stage of Champion, creating upgrades for a US Special Forces team. Officially unveiled after a pirate raid on her Bethesda facility, the Echo Six team are upgraded with more subtle modifications than the initial Champions, though this is only part of her work for the year. She also pioneers her own version of the bioarmor used by The Promise and The Threat. Calling it the Edain system, Champion Renata Highpine is the first to use it - her armor is dubbed 'Estel', the Elvish word for hope.

In 2229 she starts dating Shizuka, a member of Versus and mutual friend of Cerisier, another Versus member and Ciel's friend. Their very different attitudes make for an odd pairing, but the two continue to see each other off and on for the next several years.

At the end of 2230 Ciel spends nearly two months in Davania and another month on Ares, working through the ghosts of her own past and trying to find the spark to push her science forward once again.

And so her story continues...


Ciel's favorite T-shirt.
  • Ciel's augmentations keep her looking like a teenager, and she no longer ages.
  • Her augmented metabolism keeps her thin, with nutritional requirements like an Olympic athlete.
  • This part of the reason she eats so much People Chow. She also genuinely likes it - one of the few.
  • The other reason is college. Her father bought her military rations, and she began to live on them because she seldom had time for real food.
  • Ciel dotes on all of her creations, sometimes to the point of overprotectiveness.
  • Ciel is a Roman Catholic, though she seldom finds time to attend Mass, and has met the Pope.
  • While Elpizo was infatuated with Ciel, she never reciprocated his feelings, seeing him as an elder, not a potential love.
  • Ciel did have some kind of relationship with Sheena while in Neo Arcadia, but she seldom talks about it.
  • Ciel tends to overwork, occasionally medicating herself to avoid sleeping.
  • Though few believe it, Ciel has an incredibly high tolerance for alcohol because of her increased metabolism.
  • Ciel loves to sing, and sometimes forgets to turn her radio off when singing in the bath.
  • Ciel goes to The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Dr. Frank-N-Furter (A Scientist).
  • Ciel met her friend, Janna, after the frightened reploid came to her for help when Fiona had her first period.
  • Ciel owns a small cat, Chocolat, a gift from her daughter, Prairie.


Ciel's NetNAVI, the Mother Elf

Scientific Accomplishments

  • March 15th, 2221

Ciel develops a vaccine for the T-Virus, earning a Nobel Prize that December.

  • July 9th, 2221

Ciel introduces cybernetic wombs, that allow fetal development outside a human body.

  • September 3rd, 2221

Charité unveils a new species of formerly extinct aurochs.

  • February 15, 2222

Charité ressurects the dodo.

  • March 11, 2222

The first healthy baby is born to a cyber-womb.

  • April 24, 2222

Ciel submits the first ten species of plants from Mars to the ICZN.

  • April 30, 2222

Ciel reintroduces the dinosaur Hypsilophodon foxii.

  • June 30, 2222

Ciel sells the genome for chocolate milk cows to the Dairy King of Creamland.

  • August 19, 2222

Ciel isolates the genetic sequence of the Firushudot, an extinct Martian animal.

  • September 20, 2222

Ciel uses Dr. Doppler's research to transfer his mind to a reploid neural net.

  • November 2, 2222

Ciel uses Progenitor research to create a spray-on treatment to induce hair growth.

  • December 2, 2222

Ciel unveils her dinosaur park in Munich and Stegosaurus armatus.

  • December 15, 2222

Ciel reintroduces the ancient bird Archaeopteryx lithographica.

  • January 1, 2223

Ciel publishes evidence of the existence of the human DNA soul.

  • January 11, 2223

Ciel isolates the Martian genome and presents it to the ICZN.

  • April 29, 2223

Seiryuu hatches. Ciel created him from DNA from a dead dragon.

  • June 1, 2223

Ciel officially opens Barsoom colony on Mars.

  • June 10, 2223

Charité unveils Miracle Oranges, trilobites, and biochemical tanning spray and skin dye.

  • August 27, 2223

Ciel releases the Nurse Elf system and improved First Aid Spray.

  • December 25, 2223

Ciel reintroduces the Baiji, the Chinese River Dolphin.

  • March 9, 2224

Ciel reintroduces the Thylacine, the Tasmanian Tiger.

  • June 25, 2224

The first public appearance of the Champion team.

  • November 29, 2224

Ciel reintroduces genetic augmentation to the general public.

  • June 1, 2225

Ciel opens Pangaea Park, the island stocked with dinosaurs species recovered from Ibis Island, and her own creations, including Brachiosaurus altithorax.

  • September 29, 2225

Ciel quietly reintroduces the Great Auk to the North Pacific.

  • October 11, 2226

Ciel starts a Kickstarter to revive the Galapagos turtle.

  • March 26, 2227

Ciel based on the successful Kickstarter, the Galapagos turtle is reintroduced.

  • October 26. 2227

Ciel and Tenny introduce grown housing, dubbed Caras Galadhon.

Command Notes

What a difference a year makes. -- Cinnamon



Cut Scenes