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Cinnamon and Gaudile
Cinnamon and Gaudile
Personal Information
Real Name Cinnamon Gaudile
Code Name Winter Angel
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Birth Date 2/14/18
Serial Number DBN-001
Email cinnamon@cinnamonlabs.mars
Faction Unified Army
Function Medic/Force Metal Generator
Assignment Hugs
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Botany/Mechabotany
Secondary Specialty Alternative Medicine
Weapons Kindness, Martial Arts, Tactical Missiles
Primary Divine Hand
Type Physical
Secondary Tomahawk Missile
Type Explosive
Buster Colors White & Powder Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Voice Actor Kristin Chenoweth (M3) Caitlynne Medrek/Ai Onaka (Command Mission VAs)
Theme Song Help I'm Alive -- Metric

Character Data

"People can thrive even through famine, persecution, and terror, but they will perish if they are not loved."


Cinnamon is a combat medic known first and foremost for her Force Metal Generator -- a rare device capable of healing wounds and even staving off death. Loosely affiliated with many major factions due to her useful abilities and helpful nature, Cinnamon self-identifies as an Irregular, promoting peace and justice as much as possible while fighting fiercely to defend them when required. Additionally, Cinnamon is more than capable of funding her own good deeds, as she runs a successful botanical science company and works diligently within the political sector. In addition to her agricultural and peacekeeping work, Cinnamon is well-versed in Force Metal and other rare forms of energy, seeking to understand her own construction as well as the universe around her.


Botany, Mechabotany, Paleobotany, <prefix>botany, Still A Kidnapping Magnet, Still Daddy's Little Girl, Still Not Really A Medic, KITTY GLOVES, Empathy, Force Metal Generator? It's Right H--What Are You Staring At?, Krav Maga, Zombie Fighting, Diplomacy, Business Economics, Iron Lady, My Boyfriend's Back, Resource Management, Convenient Plot Device, Piloting, Knowledge: ?????

Cut Scenes featuring Cinnamon

  • 2226-02-03: Black(out) Queen - Aino frets about things Nobody said--all the while missing her spleen.
  • 2227-07-07: The Meddler - Cinnamon talks to herself.
  • 2231-05-27: Logotherapy - Cinnamon decides to pursue her gift.

Logs featuring Cinnamon