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Circumference of Sodium
Personal Information
Real Name Circumference of Sodium
Code Name C-Salt
Race Reploid
Gender For the moment Male
Creator/s Point Trouble
Faction Versus
Function Science, being weird
Technical Specifications
Weapons toxic touch, tentacled attacks
Primary Unity of Mind
Type Physical, toxic
Secondary The lance of emptyness
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"True Genius cannot be Designed"


Circumference of Sodium left Point Trouble to explore the rest of the universe. A curious and generally amiable Reploid, Circumference of Sodium knows little of the world outside the Maverick colony. Raised within the exotic parallel society of Point Trouble, the young Reploid is sometimes confused by the strange world outside. Idealistic and naive, Sodium is bemused by humans and their illogical ways. Many people find his form disconcerting, and his ignorance of the world annoying. Yet, to those who know Sodium well, he is a loyal friend and brilliant scientist.


Alien, Highly Advanced Calculus, Saraband, Xenoarcheology (Martian), Crystal Technology, The Dice Man, Never Shuts Up, Curious, Unconventional Science, "Boy" Genius


  • Cicumference of Sodium has difficulty speaking slowspeak having only communicated with saraband for all his life.
  • Circumference is also called C-salt or Circ by his friends
  • Circumference is a twelve sider A TWELVE SIDER folks. This is often forgotten or confused to lesser dice like the d20 or the d10!
  • C-salt has expert knowledge in the following scientific fields:Advanced Calculus, Reavertech, Martian Xenoarcheology, Saraband technology and is currently studying botany.



Cinnamon:<<Nice lady I'm currently helping out with her Mecha-forest. She's been really helpful>>

Depth Dragoon :Big Brother figure. Very helpful and is showing me around.

Roll:<<Wise Old one, very smart. Look up to. Hope we can work together to make the world better>>

Sewa:<<Also wise and not so old but very smart. Also look up to, she's nice to community-family>>

Lumine:<<An interesting person albeit somewhat dangerous. Still he has done me no harm so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. At least for now.>>


Cut Scenes:Mathamancy:C-salt reveals himself to be a RADICAL mathematician. I blame the Irregulars.