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Claude Pincer
Claude Pincer.jpg
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Unified Army
Function The Kid
Technical Specifications
Primary Tidal Wave
Type Water
Secondary Bubble Shot
Type Water
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force
Theme Song

Character Data

"And now I'll defea-- OW! Quit it!"


Claude Pincer (real name Chad Pinkerton, whom has decided to call himself Claude Pincer on grounds it 'sounds cooler') is an elementary school kid and the youngest known human being to have used the power of a FMian. Hailing from a difficult home life from having his father work full time in sensitive UN operations, Claude has never been good at making friends. He expressed his frustrations and loneliness the only way he knew how - by being as unpleasant as possible, masterminding juvenile mischief aplenty. Cancer, a very young and weak FMian, mistook the angry youth's loneliness for being a worthwhile source of power. The two proceeded to go on a completely ineffectual rampage but was eventually won back over to the side of righteousness... of a sort. Being as young as he is, Claude thinks that being some sort of full-time superhero is awesome but has yet to ever let the full horrors of war truly sink in. Fiercely competitive in spite of his lack of fighting ability (or really much of anything), Claude has a short temper and can often prove very frustrating to deal with when he is angry. When merged with Cancer, he can attack with bubbles to entrap enemies, throw out claws like a boomerang, and summon little crab minions on top of the use of a (not so) deadly tidal wave... assuming they aren't immediately smashed aside due to their inexperience and weakness. Claude is still learning how to be more personable and open with people, though it is proving an uphill battle - an uphill battle that he may have no choice but to win for the sake of Earth.


Shrimpy, Crabby, Not Fishy, Angry Little Kid, Reckless, (Not Having) The Invincibility Of Youth, Skinning Knees (A Lot), Blowing A Whole Lot Of Hot Air (And Bubbles), I Wanna Be The Guy