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Clock Man
Clock Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Temporal Archivist
Technical Specifications
Primary Master Of Time
Type Energy
Secondary Mega Clock Laser
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Rockman.EXE Operation Shooting Star
Theme Song

Clock Man's Stardroid mode, Neptune.

Character Data

"Fighting me is as futile as fighting against time itself."


Clock Man wants to know more. He seeks to record the indelible marks the powerful leave on the world with monomaniacal focus. Clock Man indulges his insatiable curiosity as an intelligence analyst, using his high-powered timestopper to study individuals in depth. He has a particular fascination with beautiful women, which occasionally distresses his allies. Clock Man is capable of slowing and stopping time, but can also use solid holograms to attack his foes. Like Video Man, he can also holographically recreate the forms and attack patterns of people who have held his interest, if only briefly. Clock Man is a student of temporal mechanics, and strives to learn more about time and space. Clock Man can also transform into a deadly liquid metal form using recovered Martian technology. His advanced computational systems allow him precise control over his fluid body, as well as allowing him to launch highly accurate bursts of caustic water at his foes. While a gifted machine, Clock Man's obsessive personality can sometimes lead him into bad situations.


Temporal Mechanic, No, It Doesn't Need A Wrench, A Strange Robot In A Strange Land, Does The Math And Wins, You're My Obsession, My One Obsession, Who Do You Want Me To Be, My Affection Is Not What It Seems, Dio Brando?