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Cloud Man
Cloud Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Weather Control
Assignment Aid Junk Man
Technical Specifications
Primary Thunder Bolt
Type Electric
Secondary Incoming Front
Type Force
OOC Information
Game Megaman 7
Theme Song

Character Data

"The heavens rumble, and wish to strike you down."


Cloud Man is a master of the weather, one of the most powerful Robot Masters to ever be created. His power is often overlooked, though, since he doesn't go around unleashing tornados and flooding areas at a moment's notice, but rather does such actions merely to investigate what sort of actions and reactions altering the weather in certain sections of the planet will result in. A fan of hanging out in the air, studying everything in relation to the weather and mostly becoming lost, Cloud Man is usually too distracted to even realize that anything is happening around him. However, this does not mean that Cloud Man will not show up and support the other Robot Masters. Overall, Cloud Man is a kind Robot Master, one who loves the weather and loves to talk, although sometimes those can be fatal flaws in his personality.


Knowledge: Meteorology, Weather Manipulating, Riding Storms, Collecting Lightning, Shooting Lightning




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