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Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Female
Birth Date [REDACTED]
Serial Number [REDACTED]
Faction Grave
Function Producer
Assignment UNS Colossus
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Television Production
Secondary Specialty Regal's Dark Apprentice
Weapons RAGE.
Primary Coconut Knuckle
Type Physical
Secondary Going Postal
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the world audience."


Coconut was an abused GNN mail room clerk. For years, Coconut toiled in the darkness, working hard to rise up to become part of show business. Instead, Coconut was condemned to a life in the mail room, reading about the glories of other people and being treated like a drone. In her heart, Coconut longed for revenge, and when Z!TV began "recruiting", Coconut was the first to jump ship. Coconut knows she's sold her soul for power and fame, but it's all worth it to her. Today, Coconut is one of Z!TV's primary producers, overseeing a variety of news and entertainment programs, and most importantly has been given a tremendous amount of freedom in developing new content. Coconut relishes any victory she manages to get over GNN, and one day hopes to bring programs from Z!TV to the N1 system to battle Chest directly. Coconut's role in the "Z" intelligence agency is as Leonard Regal's immediate subordinate, learning the fine art of media control from the contemporary master of the craft. Coconut's tool to this end is Z!TV, and knows that if she proves herself there, she may begin to gain access to the true power behind the throne. Coconut's explosive temper hides a fundamental insecurity about the security of her position, which typically can only be soothed by cigars and brandy once her temper is raised.


Still Lonely, Still Angry, Resents The Audience, Prefers To Watch Fine Arts Programming Rather Than Her Own Shows, Puts Obscure Cultural References Into Programming That No One Notices, I Want Total Sensory Deprivation And Backup Drugs, Behind, Beside, And Beneath The Rich And Powerful, Tax The Stupid, Good Material Is Wasted On The Audience, Why Don't Men Like Me?, I'm Even Okay With A Woman As Long As Somebody Pays Attention To Me, Hello?, Fine, I'll Show You, I'll Show ALL OF YOU, Give Me Back My Scotch, I Need It To Write, And To Put Up With This Crap Day In And Day Out, Fools, Berserker, Dark Apprentice, Damned






  • 2222-07-10: Big Brother Z - Feste auditions for a reality TV show.