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Personal Information
Real Name Kanissa
Code Name Colonel
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date July 4th
Serial Number RF-0171988
Faction Unified Army
Function Repliforce XO
Assignment Ultra Magnus
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Repliforce XO
Secondary Specialty Field Commander
Weapons Buster Sabre, Colonel Cannon, Rocket Punch
Primary Sabre Frenzy
Type Blade
Secondary Screen Divider
Type Blade Energy
Buster Colors White & Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman X4
Voice Actor MMX4 Voice Actor
Theme Song Rammlied -- Rammstein

Character Data

"Freedom isn't free."


The Robot Wars have caused many heroes to fall, but no one expected it from the Colonel. In striking down Iron Giarex, he lost everything. Now he has to find it again. Kanissa is on an introspective journey to find what he has missed in twenty years of war. Stoic, reserved and unfailingly polite, he is not fundamentally changed. The death of the General weighs on him heavily and, perhaps, saved him from his own anger. Disarmed, he may seem easy prey for those he has wronged over the years, but he has not been abandoned. With the support network of the United Nations, Star Force and those who, puzzlingly to him, honestly seem to care about him, Kanissa will rise through these trials to stand at the vanguard of justice and hope once again.


Character Development, Redemption Quest, The Atoner, Go And Sin No More, No More Honor Without Reason, Still Damn Honorable, Aspiring Vintner, He Who Fights Monsters, Still Not A Skirt




  • 2214-02-13: The Siege of Repliforce Island - Rock leads the Hunters into a tragic battle with the disavowed Repliforce. The body count rises...
  • 2214-03-17: Repliforce Officer's Brawl - During the Battle & Chase games, Vile informs Anthem that he's killed her brother. She goes on a rampage to kill him - and when Colonel steps in to prevent her likely suicide? A street brawl erupts.
  • 2216-05-16: Of All The Gin Joints - After her attempted assassination of Dr. Wily in Casablanca, the previously MIA Anthem is returned to Repliforce's medical bay
  • 2219-12-29: Holiday Party 2219 - Antics abound.
  • 2225-05-10: The Unveiling of Tau - Gate reveals his plans for Tau. Doctor Doppler does something horrific to Double.
  • 2225-05-17: Run On For A Long Time - Giarax vs. The World

Cut Scenes