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Color Man
Color Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Colour Man. Note the U!
Code Name Moron
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number DWN X04
Faction Robot Masters
Function Color Warfare
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Variable Elemental Paint Assault
Secondary Specialty Driving Everyone Bonkers
Primary Fire Aqua Tower
Type Fire Water
Secondary Colored Ball
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network
Theme Song

Character Data

"Hee hee hee hee hee.... Now you're PINK! PINK! Get it?!"


When Dr. Light started messing with the visible color spectrum for kicks, Dr. Wily decided he could step up to the challenge and do it even better. Color Man is built with a holographic system, but his holographic talents are limited only to temporarily changing the colors of things around him: making black into pink, white into green, and so on. Color Man's overall appearance is that of a clown, making him spiritual brother to Clown Man, though the first clown robot that Wily has designed by himself. The two of them share a similar sense of humor, and enjoy slapstick pranks and other ill-thought-out gags. When the two of them get in a room together, the irritation is almost unbearable. Color Man considers it hilarious to change people's colors around, though many others fail to get the joke. Though his holographic systems are therefore not particularly useful, Color Man does excel in one department; his multi-colored weaponry is variable-type, arranged so he might be able to discover the weak point of his foes.


Terrible Sense of Humor, Clown Man's Fat Brother, More Proof that Robot Masters Don't Need Legs, Limited Holographics Skills, Authors His Own Sprite Comic, RM Sasha




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