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Compass Man
Compass Man.gif
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Combat Butler
Assignment Cultin'
Technical Specifications
Primary Magnetic Charge
Type Force
Secondary North Seeker Strike
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman and Bass WS
Theme Song

Character Data

"Very good, sir. Will there be anything else?"


Compass Man is a reprogrammed Robot Overlord, and the result of Scott Wily's first gestalt experiment. Designed to be half of the 'Seamachine Thallasticary', the first merge procedure failed when his smaller counterpart Bell Man was sucked into subspace and vanished. Despite his incredible power, Compass Man was mothballed afterward by Scott Wily until being found by Giga Man. Compass Man served Giga Man loyally for a time before being captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Regal. Compass Man is now loyal unto death to Leonard Regal, and takes a sublime pleasure in serving as Dr. Regal's primary butler and bodyguard. The very model of an English country manor butler, Compass Man's dry humor can still often take a turn for the morbid. Seemingly unflappable even in the face of cosmic horror, Compass Man has in reality been driven mad by his hellish upbringing and affects the butler facade to keep his murderous desires in check. Compass Man takes pleasure in his mastery of electromagnetic forces, capable of incredible feats of multitasking by using magnetic fields as telekinetic 'hands'.


The Budget Gravity Man, Always Points To Magnetic North, Amazing Spatial Reasoning Abilities, Likes Water, Dislikes The Sea, Has Trouble Fitting Through Narrow Doorways, Was Thrown Out Instead Of The Bath Water, Mildly Claustrophobic, Not As Good As Ballade But Better Than Geetz -- His Guard Never Drops, Ever, FOR THE ROYALTY




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