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Copy X
Master of Neo Arcadia
Master of Neo Arcadia
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Ciel
Faction Other
Function Ruler of Neo Arcadia
Technical Specifications
Primary Copy Buster
Type Energy
Buster Colors Silver-White and Blue
OOC Information
Game Mega Man Zero
Theme Song

Character Data

"The utopia that humans have searched for, is here in Neo Arcadia. Only I could do this!"


At the end of the Maverick and Elf Wars, the reploid named X became damaged beyond all repair. In order to save his life and memory, additional copies of X were made. This is one of those copies: and the best and most perfect Copy X, at least in his own mind. In order to save people from the Mavericks, Copy X branded any reploid not unfailingly loyal to him as a Maverick, and had them exterminated. In doing so, he created a world of peace and prosperity where he ruled from on high with an iron fist. This world, the last remaining city on a war-ravaged planet, is called Neo Arcadia. Copy X, though he has the abilities of the original X, is lacking in experience and has none of X's compassion. He has no faith that the humans can understand how to care for themselves, and believes instead it is the right of the strong to look after the humans he perceives as weak. In saving the humans from themselves, he has become the sole judge and jury of their actions in Neo Arcadia, and, sometimes, very rarely, the executioner. His elite forces, the Guardians, and those reploid armies beneath them, serve his arrogant will. Those reploids not loyal to him are branded Maverick without question.


  • Copy X's world was wiped out by the Genocide Virus from Omega.
  • Copy X returned during a dimensional storm, the last survivor of his world, and attempted to destroy the universe before being defeated by Elpizo.


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