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Crash Man
Crash Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date Forged in steel
Serial Number DWN 013
Faction Robot Masters
Function Demolitions
Assignment Throw Bomb, Jump Around
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Demolitions
Secondary Specialty Partying Like a Rockstar
Weapons Crash Bombs, Jager Bombs, Irish Car Bombs, Actual Car Bombs
Primary Crash Bomber
Type Explosive
Secondary Awesome Jumping Skills
Type Physical
Buster Colors Salmon & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman 2
Theme Song See +soundtrack

Character Data

"I *am* the party."


Crash Man has ascended to a state of being understood by only a few: the realm of the meta-famous. Originator of the now legendary Wily Hour (via the Crash Man Hour), Crash Man is a cultural phenomenon, an icon, and the punchline of Internet memes which refuse to go away. On the surface, Crash Man is seemingly fun-loving, easy going and friendly. He likes to party, drink heavily and act like a rock star crossed with Hef. Beneath that, he has a dangerous edge that makes all the bad femmebots swoon and the good ones make locked blog entries. He can go from "hilarious life of the party" to "mass murderer" as quickly as Wily can snap his fingers, and is totally remorseless about any atrocities he commits. Crash Man, despite being a mad-dog killer on command, tends to be Wily's ambassador to other factions via the underground network of hard-core party people in every organization. An expert demolitionist, Crash Man's Crash Bomber is revered by Buster users around the world. His opponents have used his love of bacchinalian delight on several occasions to catch him off-guard.


Demolitions, Revelry, Being Hollywood, Specialization: Playboy, Deep Driller, The Coolest, The Slickest, The Best, Being The Center Square, Cultural Icon, The Choice Of The Wily Generation




  • 2214-02-13: The Siege of Repliforce Island - Rock leads the Hunters into a tragic battle with the disavowed Repliforce. The body count rises...
  • 2216-07-30: Chibi Madness, Day 1 - Dr. Wily blasts the world with a chibification ray.
  • 2226-09-04: The Revolution Will Not Be Supersized - Burn Rooster attacks an Arby's.
  • 2228-03-08: ULTRONQUEST: A Wish Come True - Slur and the Robot Masters attack the Avengers with the aid of their newly unstoppable ally, Ultron.
  • 2230-03-22: A GRAVE Bakery Run - Crash Man and Moondyne Mouse attempt to rob a bakery in Boston, and GRAVE and friends show up to have tea and scones. So Crash and Mouse amuse themselves by hosing them down with whipped cream and trolling them.
  • 2230-04-22: A Mad Teaparty - After a days long crime spree, Moondyne Mouse and Crash Man find themselves with hostages after having setup a Robot Master-style fortress. Heroes show up to make a rescue--with a surprise guest star!

Cut Scenes