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Crescent Grizzly
Crescent Grizzly.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Lifter Brown
Code Name Crescent Grizzly
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date August 2206
Serial Number HEL-38-6492
Faction Unified Army
Function Guardian/Smuggler
Assignment Reserve Marines
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Heavy Combat
Secondary Specialty Underworld Networking
Primary Crescent Shot
Type Blade
Secondary Drill Frenzy
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman X5
Theme Song

Character Data

"Dey say you can't 'scape your destiny, petite."


Originally a gun runner and smuggler, Crescent Grizzly was given the chance to serve the military as payment for his crimes. Having long paid his dues to society, he still can't help but miss his glory days on the other side of the law, though by and large he plays straight by Star Force. Big, strong, and boisterous, Crescent's personality is as large as he is, his deep Cajun accent and charm making it easy to forget that he's one of the largest soldiers in Star Force. In combat, he uses his giant drill to burrow beneath the battlefield, making terrain hazardous for his foes even as he lurches from below ground to take them out. While devoted to the Star Force, he still enjoys the easy life, his laid back attitude occasionally getting him in hot water with his superior officers.


Guarding, Protecting, Observation, Guarding: London Monolith, Subterranean Activities, Drilling For Oil, Really-Big Bear, Smarter Than The Average Bear, Makes A Mean Gumbo, Pooh, Driving A Paddleboat, Skill: Banjo, Skill: Harmonica, Blues Brother, Cuban Pete, MAMBO!, Corrupting Burn Dinorex