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Crystal Valkyrie
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Serial Number PSN-006
Faction Unified Army
Function Chooser Of The Fallen
Assignment 501st Ops Unit
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Combat Medic
Secondary Specialty Weather Control
Weapons Ice Halberd,
Primary Valhalla's Gate
Type Force Ice
Secondary Frozen Aegis
Type Ice
OOC Information
Voice Actor Megan Hollingshead
Theme Song Actraiser OST - Filmoa

Character Data

"Do not grieve. You will live to fight again another day."


Crystal Valkyrie was designed for thedangerous task of retrieving endangered and fallen soldiers in themiddle of battles, then bringing them back to the rear lines to betreated. She takes to her task in earnest, helping the best she canin any situation. She has the confidence and will of youth on herside, and her straightforward and guileless demeanour helps toreassure those she rescues that they are in good hands. However, sometimes her confidence and her willful nature has been known tocause her trouble in the face of opposition.


That Traitor's Sister, Not Ice Queen, JUDGMENT!, Got To Recruit Em All - EINJERHAR!, All Things Freeze, SOUL CRUSH!, Dynamic Entry, Ice Sculpting, Weapon Collector



- Valkyrie is the oldest Prismbot still with the RF.
- Valkyrie is a rather avid smith focusing on medieval weapons and armour. It's a hobby she quite enjoys.



Cut Scenes