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Cut Man
Cut Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Cut Man Cain-Wily-Light
Code Name Cut Man
Race Android
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Cain, Dr. Wily & Dr. Light
Birth Date December 22, 2199
Serial Number DLN-003
Faction Unified Army
Divisions TASC Force
Function Blade Assault
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Slicin' @#$& Up
Secondary Specialty Getting hit by things
Weapons Rolling Cutter/Martial Arts
Primary Rolling Cutter
Type Blade
Secondary Ultimate Cutter
Type Blade
Buster Colors Gray and White
OOC Information
Game Megaman
Theme Song

Character Data

"Look down the road, before it falls on you."


Cut Man has the worst luck in the world. Originally designed as a logging robot, then stolen by Dr. Wily and turned into a weapon, Cut Man's entire existence has been plagued by an almost preternatural run of foul luck - a streak that persists even now that he's freed of Dr. Wily's control. Nervous and somewhat fatalistic because of this, he tries to play off his frustrations with truly horrible scissor-related puns. Strangely enough, Cut Man seems to have the ability to extend his bad luck to others - including his enemies, which can sometimes play to his advantage in a bad situation. His Rolling Cutter remains a potent weapon despite his misfortune, a large scissor-like blade attached to his head that he can throw like a boomerang, though without it he has few other weapons besides his fists.


Bad Luck, Dodging, Martial Arts: Wily-Fu, Fatalism, Origami, Cutting Holes In Reality, Being Ordered to Just Stand Next to the Enemy Superweapon to See What Happens


Cut Man was the fourth android to be created following Blues, Rock and Roll, and depending on how you look at it, the second oldest android in existence after Roll. He was the first of the industrial robots activated, followed by Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man and Elec Man. Cut Man's original industrial function was to be a tree-felling robot to help with land clearance and lumber production. However, he never got a chance to do the job he was designed for.

After being active for little over a week, Cut Man was stolen and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily on the 3rd of January 2200, along with Blues and the other industrial robots. On the 27th of January, the seven androids were unleashed on the city of San Angeles, causing chaos and destruction. With even the military unable to stop them, it was until the 17th of February that they were stopped. Rock was rebuilt into a battle robot known as Mega Man, and within 24 hours Cut Man and the others had been destroyed. Dr. Wily had however saved a backup of the memory data and programming of the industrial robots, as well as constructing replacement bodies.

The industrial androids would go on to be known as the 'Alpha Squadron', forming the basis for Dr. Wily's Robot Masters, their designs directly influencing the designs of Dr. Wily's first original line of androids, the Beta Squadron. The Alpha's remained a part of the Robot Master army for over twenty years, but on the 4th of February 2211, that all changed.

With Rock having been killed two days earlier in battle against Dr. Wily's 'Niohoggr' dragon mech, the Alpha's happened to be near the site where the mech-battle between Dr. Wily and Dr. Light came to end. As Dr. Light died from his wounds in front of them, the WilyCode was broken, and the group attacked Dr. Wily, seemingly killing him.

With nowhere left to go, the Alpha's turned to the Maverick Hunters in an attempt to begin their redemption. Due to what would be known as the 'Protoman Clause', which recognizes that no android can ever truly have free will like a human or reploid, they could not be punished by law for their actions. Cut Man remained with the organisation until it was disbanded. He later went on to join the UN elite squadron known as TASC.


  • Cut Man is capable of using his Rolling Cutter to literally cut a hole in reality, using it to jump into subspace and re-appear elsewhere in a manner similar to a blink system. However, due to it's unconventional nature and his terrible luck, Cut Man has a tendancy to get lost in subspace.
  • Cut Man is physically very strong for a robot of his build, capable of lifting nearly 10,000kg. He was designed this way so as to allow him to easily move logs on his own without other lifting equipment.
  • Cut Man's body is mostly modular, allowing components and limbs to be easily swapped out and replaced. This does create structural weakness however, and blunt trauma can cause the parts to shake loose.

Cut Man holds the following Battle and Chase medals.

  • 2220: Car Race Gold.
  • 2223: Swordsman Silver.


  • A past player once roleplayed that Shadow Man's frog mech fell onto him after dropping out of orbit. The result of this impromptu roleplay resulted in Shadow Man regaining the frog mech as an alternate armor form.