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N.B.: This is only a preliminary list of all cutscenes. There will eventually be separate pages for story arcs (which will include logs as well) and this page will become a list of those collections, as well as a repository of cutscenes unrelated to any specific arc.

See also: Cutscenes by Arc

And also: Most Recent Cutscenes

  • 1878-10-20: The Watch Is Over (Bass) - The man comes around again.
  • 1999-01-30: The Golden Oldies (Lord Raptor) - Lord Raptor parties like it's 1999.
  • 2193-11-18: Gentille Alouette (Ciel) - Ciel's salvation from Crux lay buried in a memory from her childhood.
  • 2200-02-01: Twenty-Five Years And A Lifetime Ago (Michael Eildath) - The story of Michael Eildath's past.
  • 2200-10-20: Her Black Knight (Ciel) - Ciel meets William Wiggin.
  • 2201-10-31: Residence Hall Evil (Ciel, Dr. Leo) - An idle Halloween discussion between friends.
  • 2205-11-05: Greet The Brand New Day (Sting Chameleon) - A walk into the memory of an ex-Maverick
  • 2215-04-15: Marionette (Dynamo) - The dark origin of Blade Marionette.
  • 2218-09-18: Brand New Sky (Leo) - A summary of the world of 2218.
  • 2218-09-26: Umbrella Ascendant (Leo) - New management takes power.
  • 2218-10-03: Irregulars Assemble (Leo) - The Irregular ideology offers hope to many, but at what cost?
  • 2218-10-09: The Secret Of Force Metal (Leo) - Giga City is constructed. Epsilon was ready.
  • 2218-10-17: Defcon 5 (Leo) - The legend of Duck Vertigo begins.
  • 2218-10-23: Free For All (Leo) - Greed is the undoing of empires.
  • 2218-10-31: Flight To The Sun (Leo) - There are levels of survival we are willing to accept.
  • 2218-11-07: Flame To The Kettle (Leo) - "We must not back down."
  • 2218-11-13: Gathering Darkness (Leo) - A shadow falls over the world.
  • 2218-11-21: The Fuse (Leo) - "Greed is good."
  • 2218-11-27: The Spark (Leo) - Necessary conditions have been met.
  • 2218-12-04: Civil War (Leo) - Numerous sociopolitical tensions froth over. And for what?
  • 2218-12-09: Patriarch (Leo) - You were warned.
  • 2218-12-22: The Outsider (Leo) - Epsilon never stopped believing in you.
  • 2218-12-30: An Eye Ready To Blink (Leo) - Not all forms of life are willing to fight for your survival.
  • 2219-01-01: 2219 - The Story Thus Far (Leo) - This is where we were.
  • 2219-01-01: The Destruction Of San Angeles (Leo) - The beginning of the modern era.
  • 2219-01-14: The Gentlemen (Leo) - The Robot Gentlemen make their presence known.
  • 2219-01-22: A King's Ransom (Leo) - The usual outcome of inevitable betrayal.
  • 2219-01-29: Reckoning (Leo) - A door of shining gold begs to be opened.
  • 2219-02-01: The Chained (Leo) - The Chained waits for its inevitable release.
  • 2219-02-04: Rebirth (Leo) - Life emerges in defiance of death.
  • 2219-03-08: Eclipse: Prelude (Leo) - Ra Moon picks up the pieces.
  • 2219-03-26: Eclipse: Shadow Bands (Leo) - Scott Wily continues to screw everyone over.
  • 2219-04-03: Eclipse: Penumbra (Leo) - Thanks, Scott. Thanks for nothing.
  • 2219-04-23: Eclipse: Second Contact (Leo) - Duo.EXE perishes to protect the Earth from Ra Moon. It doesn't work.
  • 2219-05-08: Eclipse: Descending Node (Leo) - We learn what "Blackguards" are. Blues makes his fateful decision.
  • 2219-05-21: Eclipse: Totality (Leo) - Roll pays a visit to a refrigerator. It's hard to be the Pug.
  • 2219-06-02: Eclipse: Canon (Leo) - Epsilon considers the future.
  • 2219-07-29: All Tomorrow's Rainbows (Leo) - After yet another Wily scheme is defeated, Teresa wishes that both Dr. Light and Dr. Wily would finally go away.
  • 2219-07-30: The Broken Tree (Leo) - Something is rotten in cyber-Denmark.
  • 2219-08-06: The Deadly Serpent (Leo) - The revolution is in terminal decline.
  • 2219-08-13: The Bitten Apple (Leo) - The Genocide Virus is released.
  • 2219-08-20: Forbidden Knowledge (Leo) - In a twist that surprises exactly no one, Omega betrays his masters. As the viruses are cured, Sigma rushes headlong toward a heroic death. Or will he?
  • 2219-08-27: Paradise Lost (Leo) - Sigma dies. The virus is cured. The world seeks peace, but will not find it.
  • 2219-10-04: To The Prettiest One (Leo) - Teresa consults a book.
  • 2219-10-23: Red Right Hand (Leo) - In a deep, dark place, Alexia plots against the human race.
  • 2219-10-29: The Law Of Fives (Leo) - Maddy debriefs Teresa on the Willamette incident.
  • 2219-11-06: Deep Dive (Leo) - Mister Famous tries to help the Earth in his own bizarre way.
  • 2219-11-11: Another Side, Another Story (Gemma) - Copy X really should do a better job background checking immigrants.
  • 2219-11-14: Neapolitan Sky (Leo) - Mister Famous tries to herd cats to save San Angeles.
  • 2219-11-20: ...For Everlasting Peace (Leo) - Another Dr. Light reflects on the small differences between his world and ours.... further results