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... for everlasting peace
Author Leo
Participants Dr. Light
IC Date: 20 November 2219
RL Date: 20 November 2006
Story Arc AU3
Location San Angeles (AU)

The impenetrable bubble finally disappeared, returning San Angeles to them. The bubble had befuddled the world's greatest scientists. Even Doctor Light was at a loss, but all of this was forgotten when the problem solved itself. The return of his lost Alphas was an occasion for celebration, but the tale of their adventure would trouble him for the rest of his life.

They had gone to a world much like their own, but darker, twisted. It was a world where evil seemed to be much stronger and far more willing to use unspeakable horrors to win. The Alphas told Doctor Light of the "Genocide Virus" that, had he not been stopped, Doctor Weil would have released into the world. Ten percent of the world's Reploids would have died. Ten percent! It was a staggering figure. Had they been just that much slower...

Elpizo still lived in that world, as did Doctor Wily. While Doctor Light had never been a man in favor of killing, it seemed that these men were better off dead. Wily had built even more Robot Masters in this world, and had captured Melody and turned her into some sort of ultra-sexualized parody of herself. Horrible! Worst of all, Wily had apparently perpetrated an act of singularly wicked violence by using a Force Metal bomb on San Angeles. Ten million dead! San Angeles, the fortress of the world, in ruins! The whole of the world was changed from that not occurring in their world, and Light would have to argue for the better.

Heroes were abundant in that world, forced to stand or be destroyed. James Houseman V, who Light had met a few times at social events, had become Kraft and stood alongside him as a Maverick Hunter in that world. It amazed him to think that these two men could adopt the same mantle but for entirely different reasons. Kraft had apparently received some help from his Pantheon friends in the other world, but it would be nothing that Repliforce couldn't handle.

Fortune had favored them again during the dimensional event. Some of their problems had come into that dark world and immediately regretted it. Kraft had been smashed vigorously by General, though he apparently survived to plague their world another day. Ballade had directly challenged Doctor Wily and had paid the price for his murderous ways. Without their leader, the remaining Robot Masters that had been under Ballade's control were easily swept up by the Hunters and Repliforce and retired, leaving only Bass' criminal gang of Robot Masters behind.

And then there was Number Man, who had met his end from a massive Internet-based assault. With Number Man gone, the world was indeed a brighter place. It didn't take them long to free Midi from his slavery, and soon numerous other minions of Number Man were freed.

As the New Year dawned, Light wondered what would become of his strange cousins in that frightening world. The way their world turned out troubled him. It was a splinter in his mind. How could things have gone so differently? Was it only the failure of the Wilycode to activate after the Redips affair? Was there something else, something more different about his world? Could it have only been luck? Was there something he was missing? As the years passed, Light thought less and less of their brief look into the world that might have been. No answers ever came, and eventually it merely became an intellectual curiosity.

They called the coming decades the return of the Second Renaissance. Despite the continual low-level warfare, it was an era of peace and prosperity the world had never known before. To honor those who had helped to create a better world, an obelisk was raised in the spot where the Force Metal bomb was said to have been planted in the other universe. Inscribed on the plaque were these words:


4. Injury - The Tallest Building -