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All Tomorrow's Rainbows
Author Leo
Participants Teresa Magrevich, Nicole
IC Date: 29 July 2219
RL Date: 29 July 2006
Story Arc N/A
Location The Eschaton

A chessboard, starkly lit by a spotlight in an otherwise darkened room. Two sets of pieces, white and black, arranged on it in the standard way. A human figure walks around it in the darkness, the sounds of heels clicking across what must be a tile floor. Pacing. Eventually, from the darkness, a woman’s delicate, pale hand rested her newly red fingernail over the chessboard’s black king.

“Each time you have done that, you have been wrong, mistress,” Nicole said, from nowhere.

The colors had returned. At first, she had thought that by allowing the usual opposition to find Doctor Wily’s relays and destroy them, the colors would be restored on their own. But by some perverse accident of fate, they could only bring back “pure” demarcations of the visual spectrum, creating a cartoon-esque world. The shades and variations were not there. It was maddening.

Then, out of spite, Doctor Wily had turned his ridiculous wheeled base into an “omni-relay” that would blot out all the colors again. Naturally, the usual opposition sought it out and seemingly destroyed it, with all the Robot Masters inside. It was neat and tidy. Rarely do things go so well in her world.

But it was too clean. Doctor Light would not end the dance he had maintained with Doctor Wily over the years so abruptly. The madmen insisted on a code of honor, a sparring match rather than a bare-knuckle street fight. The world burned, millions died, and the match continued still. She hated them. She hated them and their insistence on their battles to restore ... what? Whimsy? Wonder? The world had no need for these things. The world needed many other things, much more essentially, before it needed the shimmering halo of imagination floating overhead.

“You are just going to put it back up in a few days, anyway,” said Nicole.

Her finger wobbled the black king from the pressure. She hated them, Wily only slightly more -- Wily at least was mad. Light defied the established order knowing full well what consequences they had. Light continued to disrupt their plans. Why? For ‘wonder’. He wanted to save the world from mundanity. Maybe it was his way of trying to restart the Second Renaissance. It reminded her of an old Disney movie. She disliked Disney movies. She found herself rooting for the villains more often than not.

With a flick, she tipped over the black king. She moved her hand back into the darkness, satisfied with her efforts. You have to take these transient pleasures when they come, she concluded to herself, and turned to leave.

“I will inform you when the situation changes,” Nicole said, as the shadowed woman walked back to another part of the complex. “Good morning, mistress.”