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Brand New Sky
Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 18 September 2218
RL Date: 18 September 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky

It is 2218. More than a year has passed since Epsilon and his Omnidroids left Earth on a mission to seek the salvation of civilization among the stars. Epsilon would barely recognize the Earth only one year removed from his departure.

Nation-states have returned to the world’s vocabulary with the collapse and slow reformation of the United Nations. Australia has become a paranoid police state, tested by terrorism and continued Maverick attacks. Its justification is the razed ruins of Europe and the expatriates now filling its shores. Africa is a free continent, unified by the central planning legacy of Albert W. Wily, doctor and madman.

The United States of America has never been more needed, but has never been weaker in the modern era. Its neighbor to the south, the fascist Aztlan, is the first credible threat the United States has ever faced on its own continent. Across the ocean, Japan, its Yakuza shattered, is beginning to learn how to be a free nation. There are no more safe places on Earth … and Eurasia, the last jewel of the old United Nations, is threatened from within.

The Maverick cause is ascendant. The mutation of the Maverick Virus into the Sigma Virus threatens everyone who has any contact with technology. Any Reploid or cyborg can become a Maverick. Even inanimate objects previously thought to be safe are no longer as trustworthy as they once were. Sigma’s omnipresent threat to humanity is visible in every “Certified Sigma Virus Free” sticker adhered to everything from consumer electronics to industrial equipment.

Lumine is a new and immediate threat to the armies of the world. As the power of the Buster is no longer under the exclusive control of its original designers, other organizations wish to gain the Buster. Tensions between the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce are increasingly strained. Interpol has attempted espionage against the Hunters, and the Hunters have in turn briefly infiltrated Red Alert to try to get answers. No one can be trusted as they once were.

The discovery of Force Metal promises to escalate the conflict further. Gaining access to Force Metal and a means to refine it into a weaponized form is one of the primary concerns of every major organization in the world. The one known Force Metal Generator that resides in the chest of Cinnamon may be this century’s version of the nuclear football: an item that must be protected at any and all costs.

These factors, combined with Epsilon’s extended absence, have put strain on the Irregular Overlord organization. While the Overlords have been content to pursue their own individual agendas, the Irregulars have been systematically preparing for a new campaign, following Epsilon’s master plan. The perceived weakness of the Great Powers and a rising tide of global instability has emboldened the renegade organization. The time has come for them to take action.

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