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Civil War
Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 04 December 2218
RL Date: 04 December 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky
Location Giga City

It starts with a spark. The conflict was inconsequential, a small flare-up between a Robot Overlord and a Robot Master. But it only ever takes one spark.

Attacks started across the city. Civil uprisings by miners were joined by Mavericks and Irregulars. Neo Arcadia launched a few very significant attacks against businesses, attempting to cripple the ability of smaller companies to compete with the companies they had a stronger influence over: Gimialla Mining and Melda Ore, companies of European expatriates or South American sympathizers.

The Mavericks established a foothold in the Lagrano Ruins, displacing the Irregular presence there. Repeated attempts to dislodge them only drove them deeper into Old Vancouver. A containment strategy was implemented by Repliforce, who focused their strength on the Central Tower. Repeated saturation bombings have left the tower and city core in poor shape, which continues to make the security situation there tenuous.

“Humanitarian” efforts were established around the central tower, with different groups operating repair tents for civilians. The Neo Arcadians targeted these areas with a daring strike, leaving behind a stunning amount of bloodshed and horror. The images of the wounded being gunned down by Pantheon troopers boil in the minds of the Reploids in Giga City, and have driven many of the more radical miners into the Maverick cause.

The most salient event to the rest of the world came on a day already being called “Bloody Saturday”. The Robot Masters, who had previously seemed disinterested in Giga City, struck the weakened city with their full strength. Dr. Wily, piloting a new WilyMachine, led a two-pronged attack. The main body of the force took part in a strike on the central tower, with a second group led by Bass drilling up into Gimialla’s mines.

The resulting violence was catastrophic; a weakened Repliforce and Hunter force could not stand up against the Robot Master assault. Bass and Lumine were said by some to be working together to destroy their opposition, and the sheer number of fresh Robot Masters resulted in the mine being badly damaged, large quantities of Force Metal being stolen, and an ever-rising casualty count.

The citizens of Giga City could take no more. Leaders of the unauthorized miner unions began to meet in secret meetings with the management of the major corporations in the city on Friday, and a “cease fire” of sorts was announced early on Sunday morning. An uneasy peace has come to Giga City, and not a moment too soon: critical city services were being threatened by the relentless violence.

With peace comes the possibility of hope. General’s unyielding stand on Reploid rights has earned him the favor of the people of Giga City. Negotiations moderated by Repliforce are said to be planned between the leaders of the unions and the corporations to establish a lasting peace in the city. Appleman’s “dirty little war” has ended.

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