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Deep Dive
Author Leo
Participants Mister Famous
IC Date: 06 November 2219
RL Date: 06 November 2006
Story Arc AU3
Location The Emptiness

Falling. He didn't much care for falling, though he debated with himself whether or not it was philosophically true that he was, in fact, falling. Falling assumes common points of reference and in hyperspace there were no such things. It could be equally claimed that he was flying, or rising, as there was no air to beat against his lab coat or ruffle his hair. Rather, he was in the Emptiness (not to be confused with the Nothing, which was worse) between universes, and since he could not very well stand, he had to find something to call what he WAS doing. After some further discussion, he decided that this was, indeed, falling.

Falling sucked.

His solution to the problem of the time anomaly (as perceived by the people of the last Earth he had inhabited) had not worked as he had wanted it to. While he had been able to save Blues (and Daryn, though Daryn seemed upset about being saved) from the same fate he was presently enduring, San Angeles had been removed from their universe and put ... somewhere else. Another dimension had encroached in its place, and it wasn't a nice neighborhood. They were going to have to deal with Copy X and his robot Guardians on their own. He regretted that. Copy X was mean. And Copy X's television offerings were awful.

The new problem was now to locate San Angeles, which was somewhere in the multiverse. If he was exceptionally fortunate, the Dimensional Area -- a blister in the universe caused by these kinds of accidents -- would maintain it generally as it was, though it could have ended up anywhere. He praised the Maker that San Angeles had been lightly populated because of Gemini Man's tomfoolery, even though the present problem was STILL partially his fault. But that was a yelling match for another time and place. Maybe he would shoot shaving cream into his hand when Gemini fell asleep and put itching powder above his lip. Or kill him. He hadn't decided.

Once he found San Angeles, he could figure out some way to keep the city from completely collapsing. If he was very lucky, it would end up in a part of the Emptiness that was not inhabited by 50 story long bus-width hundred-mouthed flying centipedes that considered carbon-based flesh a potent aphrodisiac. Being eaten was the best case scenario. The mating rituals were far worse for bystanders. Locating the city would need to come first, but fortunately he had followed a similar trajectory when entering the Emptiness. He was close.

Then, finding his way back to where it came from ... Well. That wasn't going to really be possible without a beacon, and he had taken some wrong turns. He could spend the next ten thousand years making guesses even with his vast experience and still never find the right combination. Working in the Emptiness without a reference point was nearly impossible. Once again, he thought, am I falling, or am I floating?

He was going to have to rely on his Filthy Assistants and their extended crews of scientists to be able to unlock one of the Great Secrets without his help. It was exciting and terrifying, similar to watching a beloved child take off their training wheels for the first time and ride down the sidewalk. Would they succeed? He had no idea, but remained optimistic. The worst they could do would be to destroy their universe. Usually.

The Void Bokken's dimensional drive indicated it was ready for another hop. Mister Famous carved a hole in the Emptiness with a jaunty stroke, stepping from nowhere to Somewhere. Maybe San Angeles was over there...

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