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Defcon 5
Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 17 October 2218
RL Date: 17 October 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky

Bat Vertigo was an ordinary Reploid before Epsilon found him. Little else is known about his past; only Epsilon and Bat Vertigo himself know for sure. What is known is that Epsilon invested a significant sum into upgrading him into an elite combat unit, then spent years putting him through his own personal training program to make him an Irregular in the old school; a hardy survivalist, living off the land, striking from the shadows, relying on misdirection and confusion to survive.

But Bat Vertigo alone could not be asked to protect the Irregular movement. Four others were selected from the ranks of the Irregulars, put through rigorous training, and then tucked away in sleeper cells, waiting for their coded instructions from Epsilon to join forces and become what would be known as DEFCON 5; Irregular special operations, responsible to no one but Epsilon himself (or his appointed successor).

As the world reels from the daring theft of the PHOENIX system, and the resurrection of the Irregular martyr iLuz, questions are raised in the halls of power around the world. How have the Irregulars been one step ahead of the rest of the world for so long? Intelligence agencies already report significant Irregular presence in every level of Giga City’s operations and governance, more so than could be expected by chance.

Between this and the other victories the Irregulars have achieved, the great powers are becoming nervous. Action must be taken. Giga City and its Force Metal must be secured, and the Irregular army must be shattered before Ferham’s soft pink glove can close around Giga City and hold the world at ransom.

But these are not the Irregulars of a year ago, or even six months ago – Epsilon’s message has resonated with a generation of Reploids who have known only the horror of the Sigma Virus and the racism of Neo Arcadia and Australia. Interpreting the world situation as standing between the consuming fire of human racism and the profound darkness of Sigma’s hate, the Irregular movement seems itself as the only hope for love and beauty in a world consumed with hate and rage.

To this new, hard core of Irregulars, victory must be achieved by any means necessary to stop the destruction of both the Reploid race and the human race. Giga City must be won -- or it must not be allowed to be held by anyone else.

5. Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists - Ten Thousand Fists