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Eclipse: Descending Node
Author Leo
Participants Ra Moon
IC Date: 08 May 2219
RL Date: 08 May 2006
Story Arc Brand New Sky

The darkness spread across the world. The siren call radiated outward, finding those it was meant to. Ra Moon’s army of minions and followers waxed beneath its watchful eye, adding to its considerable forces of Reavers and Robot Gentlemen. These dark forces, known only as the Legion, consisted of all the races of man and machine; traitors, madmen and monsters all. Led by the former Omnidroids, it was a force which could easily challenge any of the armies of the world and allow it to gather the materials needed to complete its goals.

Recruitment was pathetically easy for it. It barely had to exert itself at all to gain the service of a subject. It merely had to show them a flicker of power, grant them a small token, to earn their service. Even their most elaborate wishes were childishly small by its scope. Their free will and the existence of their world, it seemed, were a small price to pay for their greed.

Its forces suitably indebted, Ra Moon let the Legion run riot across the planet. They caused arbitrary destruction in their wake, their actions all but entirely random. This disorganized campaign of terror suited its goals. Obviously, poking and prodding at their innards let it see the ways it could strike them to provoke the maximum effect. So far, its expectations were maintained. Most importantly, the fighting also amused its followers, giving them the opportunity to act out against their enemies and revel in the power it gave them. Such displays were useful recruiting tools, allowing the Legion to grow ever larger.

With every victory, it could feel their hope beginning to fade. Hysteria and fear were spreading through the armies of the world as its onslaught continued. Eventually, it believed, they would see the futility of opposition and join the void, ending this wasteful struggle. Their resilience was only an annoyance that would, in time, disappear. It was inevitable.

The collapse of their so-called Fortress, and the betrayal of their Proto Man, pleased it. It knew full well that its new "ally" was potentially plotting against it, but it had little reason to be concerned. What was made could be unmade. The entire Legion was expendable. They were all going to be destroyed in due course. That the individual members of the Legion either chose not to believe such a thing or were simply so self-absorbed as to believe themselves critical to its cause was of no concern.

But it was not without concerns. The race of philosopher-mages on this world was not without their resources. Thomas Light would need to be dealt with, as would his various attendants. Perhaps this would be an adequate test of its new ally’s loyalty.

4. The Protomen - The Stand (Man or Machine) - The Protomen