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Eclipse: Penumbra
Author Leo
Participants Ra Moon
IC Date: 03 April 2219
RL Date: 03 April 2006
Story Arc Brand New Sky

Like a well-designed machine, Scott Wily had served his purpose. He had fought the whole of the world, taking on the best this planet had to offer. They struck with great strength and tenacity, reminiscent of the civilization that had created Ra Moon, and in the end they prevailed. That momentary flicker of lucidity just before Scott’s death still provided it with what passed for a humorous memory. Fool.

It watched the paltry survivors of the Robot Overlords and the small squad of the Robot Gentlemen. They were hardly a fighting force, but they did not have to be. All it required was tougher than average cannon fodder. Its Reavers would attend to the majority of the heavy lifting. It was patient. Sooner or later, they would need its help. They had made too many enemies. They had made one too many mistakes. But for now, they would wander free, lulling the Earth into a false sense of security.

It returned to its vessel after it had retrieved the fragment of Force Metal in the spaces between seconds, satisfied that there would be no unwanted surprises. Reintegrated, it extended its claws, pressing its will outward. It would need lieutenants. There would be those who would take its offer for power, wealth and immortality, but it required certainty. To that end, it would need to take matters into its own hands.

It spun a few out of whole cloth, reconstructing them from echoes left behind in the world. Others only required the slightest touch of its will to reconstitute. Their loyalty could never be in question, as they were not only its slaves, but extensions of its own nightmarish intellect. They would be its eyes, its ears, its hands wherever they went. The fragment was divided between them, inadequate compared to their former power, but sufficient for what it required. Of course, more time would be needed to completely weave them, but it had nothing if not time.

While it worked, it had other weapons available to it. Its ship was a weapon of singular deadliness and contained a formidable armed force conveniently left for it by Patriarch. Yet, it was merely one asset of many, and it had not pushed a world to the brink of total extinction by making rash choices. The Earth would need to be dissected, layer by layer, piece by piece, before it could be completely destroyed. Order would be imposed.

It was no longer just enough to destroy the Earth. Having learned so much of it over the centuries, it wanted to learn how, definitively, this world was able to destroy the Stardroids. It wanted to know how it could murder the universe that much faster. To do this, it would need engage in further study beyond Scott’s wild rampage.

2. CKY - Inhuman Creation Station - Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild