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Eclipse: Second Contact
Author Leo
Participants Ra Moon
IC Date: 23 April 2219
RL Date: 23 April 2006
Story Arc Brand New Sky

Its initial foray into their massive networks was only partially successful. It learned what it needed to learn. The entity it defeated could have become its equal, and Ra Moon savored its victory over its cunning opponent. It could still taste the intellect of Duo.EXE. It had been their champion, their hope, and it had fallen before it. Ra Moon's own forced retreat was only an inconvenience, while they were reminded of their own mortality. Their confidence should have been shaken, even in light of its own defeat by the transient transformation of their MegaMan.EXE.

Shortly afterward, its ship had arrived nearby the planet, lurking in the darkness just out of their line of sight. It would act as a command center while it set up a base of operations on the planet. To do this, its war machine would need to be fed with fresh materials, as its vast personal power would only go so far in supporting an enormous invading force. In war, as in all things, one must feed off the enemy, and this enemy was fattened and sweetened for its pleasure.

Teleportation was the least of its many abilities. The first waves of Reavers had struck the planet hard, causing fear and panic in their wake. They tore into the planet to rip away as much of it as they could, fighting heavy resistance throughout. Every drone they struck down seemed to be followed by two more. The psychological ramifications of these acts were not lost on it. Terror was one of its most insidious weapons. Even as it had been driven back, it had struck down their next champion, Mega Man. Their anguish pleased it.

Yet, it had underestimated the tenacity of the forces it faced. Rather than losing all hope when the ship appeared, they sent up warriors to fight it. It stung when it thought of the losses it sustained. Many of its minions, destroyed; its monster, defeated; the ship, completely lost. It had been knocked back to where it had started in a matter of hours, lurking in the darkness to lick its wounds. Dispersion was always a difficult thing to recover from, even when it was operating at optimal power.

It would take time for it to make another large move like that. In the meantime, it would need to raise an army. Its Reavers, while useful, were ultimately just cannon fodder. It needed elite troops, so set about creating three from its memories. While it did so, it looked out across the planet. There would be those who would serve it for promises of power and glory. The race of men and the race of machines were not so different than those it had originally destroyed.

Ra Moon would have its revenge. They would suffer before they would be allowed the release of oblivion. The great silence would be ever more beautiful after it consumed the dying screams of a world.

3. Disturbed - Deify - Ten Thousand Fists